Free Virtual Training Software

Engage a robust virtual training platform to empower your workforce

As employees increasingly find themselves working remotely, standard training solutions are no longer suitable. Scheduled courses, delivered by in-person by trainers at set locations are neither convenient nor practical. Instead, as the workforce becomes more mobile, the training platform must also. And while free virtual training software may be the first thing businesses search for, it doesn't provide the robust features of a learning management system (LMS) like Mindflash.

Free Virtual Training Software

Create and Deliver Relevant Content

Designed with multiple industries in mind, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, software, and more, Mindflash offers a virtual training platform that requires no installation and maintenance. With Mindflash, trainers can quickly and easily create and deliver relevant content for all employees, or for particular groups. And trainees benefit from the ability to access online courses from anywhere, at any time. Even better, Mindflash is optimized for all devices, so logging on from their desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile device (Android or iOS) is never a problem. Trainers can even take advantage of the mobility to automate reminder emails and monitor course progress on their chosen device.


User-Friendly Learning

The virtual classroom created on Mindflash lowers training costs, boosts revenue, and increases profitability. In addition, the user-friendly learning platform from Mindflash gives employees the tools they need to feel like the valuable team members they are.

Other features that set Mindflash apart from free virtual training software include:

  • Robust data security - trusted by CIO's at leading companies and approved by Salesforce
  • Dynamic content creation - use existing content in multiple formats (Word docs, PowerPoints, SCORM files, videos, voice-overs, etc.) to create compelling learning content
  • Quizzes and assessments - monitor employee understanding with prebuilt surveys and quiz templates (multiple choice, select all, fill in the blank, label, etc.)

Don't Settle for Less

Free virtual training software may get you by, but it lacks the features necessary for getting ahead. See how you can provide a robust virtual learning platform for your employees that delivers real-time insight into the impact on your business. Sign up for a live demo of Mindflash today so that you can start seeing results tomorrow.

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