Deliver and document essential education to contracted workers at scale


Rapid Onboarding

Inform and certify contractors before they report for work.


Delivery Options

Deliver educational materials your way, including mobile, global and white label options.


Demonstrate Compliance

Document and certify proficiency on products, policies and procedures.

Mindflash for Contractors

Empower your contract workforce with knowledge of best practices, products and systems, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Use our flexible course delivery options to brand the user experience exactly as you like. Choose to make courses available publicly or privately.

Set specific course passing and completion requirements. Leverage our customizable assessment and reporting features to easily track progress, demonstrate regulatory compliance and create a historical archive of contractor educational history.

Mindflash for Contractors
MinfdFlash Dashboard


Make contractor education a strategic force that drives your business. Create compelling courses, manage large-scale programs, and track business impact.


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