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The ability to apply leading-edge technology in all critical functions is a leading characteristic of IT professionals. Live training is neither practical nor technologically advanced, to say nothing of effective, especially when your IT professionals aren't all working from the same location.

IT Software Training

Successful IT Training

Mindflash-hosted online IT training offers high revenue-per-employee results as well as the ability to rapidly scale. Your IT professionals benefit from rich, multi-media content while your trainers reap the rewards of powerful analytics and deep Salesforce integration. The learning management system (LMS) from Mindflash provides the platform necessary for organizations to offer frequent training on business-critical topics, helping to ensure success within your IT department, as well as across your organization.

Software features

IT Training Software Features

LMS features that help keep IT professionals on top of include:
  • Dynamic content - training courses are easily compiled using existing content, including Word docs, PDF's, videos, PowerPoints, and SCORM files
  • Mobility - employees can access courses when and where they want, from the device of their choice, including iOS and Android mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and laptops

In the meantime, trainers rely on Mindflash for:

  • Powerful analytics - measure the impact of training and support data-driven decisions with real-time access to data on trainees and courses
  • Data Security - trusted by chief security officers at leading companies and Salesforce approved

User-Friendly Online Learning

See what a big difference Mindflash makes in employee training. Enhance the skills of your IT department with the user-friendly online learning platform from Mindflash, which mobilizes the learning experience and helps to deliver fast, effective, and secure training. Sign up for a free LMS demo today so that your company can quickly benefit from the innovative learning management system business leaders across all industries are choosing.

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