Drive retail sales with Mindflash's affordable, mobile, on-brand training LMS

You depend on a large and dynamic network of contract salespeople, franchisees, and vendors to achieve your sales and profit targets, which means you have rapidly changing groups of people to educate and re-educate about your products and processes. With Mindflash, you can deliver user-friendly online training on a global scale with dynamic content, real-time assessments, custom branding, and mobile deployment. This is why category leaders drive sales with the learning management system (LMS) from Mindflash.

Retail LMS

Effective Retail Training

Mindflash's retail LMS provides the platform to create effective training programs for new products, employee onboarding, and distribution methods that drive sales and ensure seamless delivery. With mobile retail training via Mindflash employees can access courses anytime and anywhere, helping to ensure that they're ready to provide the best possible customer experience.

Mobile Delivery

Mobile Delivery and Powerful Analytics

Mindflash's retail LMS offers mobile delivery and powerful analytics that appeal to retail companies seeking to promote learning and development within their organizations. By providing Salesforce approved data security and offering frequent training on business-critical topics, the retail industry can better serve their customer base, while ensuring employees receive the educational support they're looking for. Training courses on new products and policies are easy to create and quick to deliver. And automated email reminders and confirmations help to ensure that employees remain compliant in the training schedule.

Retail LMS Features

The retail industry relies on Mindflash's innovative LMS features to drive sales, including:

  • Extended enterprise scale - train thousands of key players across multiple organizations, platforms, and devices
  • Multiple languages - deliver courses in any major world language
  • Custom branding - customize the trainee experience with a custom domain, custom courses, custom email, and trainee dashboards
  • Multi-media courses - use videos, voice-overs, PowerPoints, SCORM files, PDF, and Word to create and deliver compelling courses
  • Trainee assessment -track performance and demonstrate compliance in real time with automated quiz scoring
  • Mobility - access courses from any device, whether smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, laptop, or desktop — at any time!
Visualize ROI

Visualize your ROI

With detailed analytics, Mindflash gives you real-time insight into the effectiveness of training so that you can see your return on investment. See how your retail business can leverage Mindflash to deliver consistent, affordable, up-to-date, and on-brand training. Request a free demo of Mindflash today to see how you can train salespeople to delight customers and suppliers to control inventory. Your bottom line will thank you.

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