Reports and Dashboards

Comprehensive and powerful LMS data in an easy to understand format.

Ensure learner success and make training improvements with reports and dashboards in Mindflash. Everything you need to for a robust training program. Request a demo to learn more.

Reports and Dashboards

Actionable, Impactful Data

Make training more impactful using the power of data. With Mindflash’s reporting tools, you get real, actionable information to make improvements to your courses and to ensure employees are progressing through the material. Better courses lead to more efficient training which leads to more productive employees. And it all starts with the data.

Quickly see how many trainees have passed, how many have failed, how many are in progress, and how many never even started a particular course from your easy-to-understand dashboard. Demystify the training and onboarding process with Mindflash’s powerful reporting tools.

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Powerful Reporting Tools

LMS reporting should make your life easier, and with a variety of options, Mindflash does just that. All of the tools you need to make smarter training decisions, including:

  • Overview Tab: Get a quick snapshot of your training progress. Date filters are available to narrow or broaden your focus. Aggregate stats provide a great way to monitor the health of your overall training program. 
  • Trainee Status: Learn about the course progress for each of your trainees. Get instant access to status, average score, and individual quiz scores. You can even click on each quiz and see which questions the trainee got wrong – and the incorrect answer they gave.
  • Course Information: Review course data such as completion trends and average time spent in each course. 
  • Quiz Detail: Analyze average quiz scores for more insight into each question. 

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