Connect real estate brokers and agents with the training they need to succeed.


Onboard Agents Quickly

Automatically send orientation materials to new members and agents as soon as they complete their membership.


Manage Compliance

All your real estate training records, whether in-person or online can be tracked in a single place to simplify document retention.


Access Insights

Track course completions and relevant training metrics. Deliver meaningful reports to executives and management teams.

Mindflash for Real Estate Training

Give your real estate agents, brokers, and sales teams real-time access to training materials they need to succeed. Enhance member service offerings with online training they can take at their convenience, no matter where they are. Connect popular real estate software to simplify processes and pass data between systems.

Mindflash for Real Estate Training
MinfdFlash Dashboard

Your Solution

From courses on real estate regulations to MLS or other software, manage training all in one place. Easily create and distribute course materials. Automatically send reminders, track completions, control access and manage certificates. Do it all in one central place.


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