Take the stress out of training with an LMS designed for hospitality

The training needs of the hospitality industry are as unique as they are varied. Multiple departments, various locations, and schedules that go around the clock make finding a training solution all but impossible. That's where Mindflash comes in. With a learning management system (LMS) designed with the hospitality industry in mind, Mindflash provides a platform to create and deliver compelling content to all employees, no matter their job, location, or schedule.

Hospitality LMS

Engaging Hospitality Training

Creating online training programs within Mindflash is fast and easy. Simply use existing content (videos, voice-overs, PowerPoints, SCORM files, etc.) to make training courses for everyone from new employees to customer service agents to experienced staff, and so on. Prebuilt quiz and survey templates (true/false, multiple choice, multiple correct, labeling, etc.) help to keep trainees engaged while providing helpful feedback to trainers.

Onboard New Hires

Quickly Onboard New Hires

With Mindflash, the hospitality industry can count on visiting and revisiting courses as often as needed as adding, building, and storing an unlimited number of courses is all part of the package. New hires can get the same information that existing employees have already been taught, giving everyone access to the same tools for success.

Hospitality LMS Features

The Mindflash LMS for hospitality also aids in the hospitality training experience with:

  • Efficient management - segment, automate, and integrate training programs on a large scale with flexible administration tools
  • Mobility - trainees have the flexibility to take training anytime, from anywhere, on any device (iOS or Android smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops)
  • Data security - keep training and methods under wraps with secured data that is approved by Salesforce and trusted by CIO's at leading companies across the globe
  • Custom branding - opt for a custom domain, custom email, custom courses, and trainee dashboards so that your brand is all your trainees see
  • Global reach - enable your global hospitality organization with courses delivered in every major language around the world
Modern Hospitality LMS

Hospitality LMS for the Modern Workforce

Mindflash helps the hospitality industry deliver relevant content to the many different departments within the organization in a time frame that is convenient for everyone. And as dashboards and reports are available in real time, determining which courses impact sales, service, and customer satisfaction are just a click away. See how the Mindflash hospitality LMS can elevate the training experience across your organization. Request a live demo of Mindflash today and find out how staff training can be delivered in a quickly and easily.

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