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“This is the best LMS I have personally used” Training Manager, Zenefits

How Mindflash Works

LMS creation

1. Create

Import your PowerPoint, Video, Word, PDF or SCORM files; add voice narration and quizzes

LMS distribution

2. Distribute

Invite trainees to your training by email, Yammer, or by sharing a link anywhere

LMS tracking

3. Track

Track trainee progress and generate reports to measure effectiveness of your training

Who Can You Train


Ensure compliance with quizzes, duration tracking, engagement tracking and reporting

Provide employees with optional training that helps them succeed and improves productivity

Automate new employee on-boarding training

Customers / Partners

Use your branding for your training and course completion certificates

Train thousands of people, on-demand, at anytime, from anywhere

Sell your courses and generate revenue


Unlimited Content

Create unlimited courses with your PowerPoint, Video, Word, PDF and SCORM files

Powerful Reporting

Measure your trainees performance of online and instructor-led live training, all in one place

Mobile Training

Take training courses on the go, from any computer, tablet or smartphone

Control Account Access

Define roles that control levels of access to account settings, billing, content, and user groups

Ensure Retention

Assess trainee course retention with our powerful quizzes that provides a choice of six different question types

Use Your Branding

Use your website domain (training.mycompany.com) and your branding for training

Automation & Security

Use the robust API for Single Sign-On (SSO), trainee management and reporting

Sell Courses

Generate revenue by selling your courses to your customers, partners or resellers

Organize Your Training

Require trainees to take courses in order, and group courses and series of courses into catalogs

Engagement Insight

Identifies the most and least engaging parts of a course

Trainee Languages

Trainees can take courses and receive email communications in almost any language

Unlimited Support

For questions and help, reach out to the Mindflash team via email, live chat, or phone