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FinancesOnline Recognizes Mindflash with Three Awards


Big news! We’re excited to share that Mindflash has been recognized for being a leader in the elearning and learning management system (LMS) industry. FinancesOnline has presented us with their Expert's Choice 2019, Great User Experience 2019, and Supreme Software 2019 awards in the employee training software category.

FinancesOnline is the fastest-growing independent review platform for B2B SaaS solutions. Their annual awards are given “only to top B2B products and represents the highest possible level of service.” With thousands of vendors listed on their site, including every major player in the LMS industry, this recognition is high praise.

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Cognitive Load Theory and Employee Training


Thinking back, you can probably recall a class in school where you were always a couple of steps behind the teacher’s lecture. Or perhaps you’ve read a book that was so dense, you struggled to keep up with the plot.

It wasn’t until you reviewed the notes from the lecture or reread a few pages of the book that a clear picture formed. In a perfect world, things would click right away but that is not how the memory works. Information needs to be learned, or more accurately “processed.” And the human brain can only process a few pieces of information at a time.

In psychology, this concept is known as Cognitive Load Theory. In this article, you’ll learn what this theory entails and how you can create a training program that doesn’t overwhelm your employees.

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Employee Training for Each Learning Style


Remember when you were in school? You likely had classmates who excelled in different subjects and activities. There was the math genius, the avid reader, the musician, the athlete, the artist, and so on.

Everyone learns in different ways and we tend to get interested in topics that just make sense to us. In fact, researchers have discovered there are eight distinct learning styles humans develop at a young age and continue to use into adulthood.

We’ll take you through each learning style in this article and provide tips for training employees who fall into the various categories.

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The Importance of Knowledge Capture and Transfer


Losing a valuable employee hurts in more ways than one. You of course have to go through the process of hiring and training a replacement. But the subtraction of knowledge and wisdom from your workforce is often the bigger setback.

Most employers train replacements on the basics of the job but not enough pass along the lessons learned by the predecessor. And how could they? That information left with the former employee on their last day.

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What Pride Means to Us at Mindflash


June is Pride Month and organizations around the world are sharing stories about diversity and inclusion. We here at Mindflash felt inspired to share our stories too.

We presented our team with a few simple questions they could choose to write about. What does Pride mean to you? How can we show others they are not alone? How can Pride help individuals face difficulty with strength and confidence?

The result was these beautiful stories.

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Announcement: Mindflash Partners with eLearning Video Provider ej4


We’re delighted to announce that Mindflash customers can now purchase employee training video courses from ej4 with our new integration and partnership. A pioneer in the microlearning space, ej4 has a library of more than 2,300 videos, each averaging seven minutes in length.

Our friends at ej4 offer courses in 40+ categories, including compliance (OSHA and HIPAA) and workplace safety training. They also provide courses on general topics like sales, marketing, supervision, leadership, communication, business software, and more. Within each are multiple videos that cover specific lessons. Here are a few of the many perks of training your workforce with ej4:

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How to Bring Employee Accountability to Your Training Program


You have certain expectations for your employees. You not only need them to produce results. You also need them to follow the right procedures as they work toward their goals.

Training employees is an important part of running a successful organization. Even though you have smart and talented people on your team, they need to be coached to do things the right way. Forming a training program ensures new hires and seasoned employees alike learn how to properly apply their skills.

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Chunking: How to Effectively Learn and Retain Important Information


Have you ever started a new job and been told learning the role will be like “drinking from a fire hose?” Did you ever pull an all-nighter in college to cram for a test?

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5 Learning Styles Each Trainer Must Know


Building exciting training content starts by establishing your goal and working backward. While this is a good roadmap for creating materials that help your learners reach that goal, strong learning modules need to be broad enough so that you can successfully reach all the different types of learners that you're sure to have in each of your sessions.

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Powerful Factor in Building a Sustainable Software Business

Bob Casey | 7 MIN READ

Albert Einstein is credited with saying that "the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest." The most powerful force in software businesses is revenue retention. High revenue retention rates create extremely valuable businesses, given that in a business with 100% revenue retention, each new sale provides pure incremental growth. A company with a highly stable customer base and a strong sales engine offers reliable, predictable, and growing cash flows over time - the hallmark of a great business. However, not all subscription businesses are created equally. As SaaS Capital and others have found, there is significant variability in the rates of customer churn across SaaS businesses, and as a result, significant differences in business quality. 

Churn is the Enemy

The enemy of revenue retention is churn. For every dollar lost, another dollar of new sales must occur in order to maintain the same size of the business, much less to grow it. As a result, customer retention and its antithesis, churn, are the most important metrics in any subscription business.  While some level of churn is unavoidable, best in class subscription businesses have built repeatable processes and systems to help ensure customer success and renewal, thereby facilitating faster growth. These systems focus on customer enablement and success, and are built on effectively training, engaging, and enabling customers to get the most out of the product. 

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