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Anytime, anywhere courses via a virtual classroom

An increasingly tech-savvy workforce is demanding a progressive, tech-driven learning environment. They're no longer satisfied with the traditional training programs that have been part of business culture for generations. And to be fair, those training programs are no longer suitable for a dispersed workforce, particularly when the training needs of the individual vary so greatly. It's for those reasons that a virtual classroom is in such demand. Fortunately, the Mindflash learning management system (LMS) offers a platform to create, distribute, and track online learning across your enterprise.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Courses from Any Device

With the Mindflash virtual classroom LMS, online training is optimized for industries across the board, from manufacturing to software to retail to healthcare, and more. Trainees access virtual courses on the device of their choice, whether a tablet, laptop, desktop, or mobile device (iOS or Android). Training sessions are available from anywhere, at any time, making it more likely that employees will keep up with safety training, regulatory compliance, or any manner of necessary ongoing training. And trainers can just as easily track their progress with access to unlimited historical data, as well as quiz and survey results.


Workplace Compliance Made Easy 

Not every virtual training system is designed to meet the learning needs of every organization. As a SCORM compliant virtual classroom LMS, Mindflash provides the platform needed to create and deliver the online courses your workforce needs to remain compliant while simplifying the job of the human resource officer. Your entire workforce benefits from content that is easily optimized, and the ability to define training groups, assign permission levels to trainers, and automate confirmation and reminder emails makes managing the process simpler than ever.

Simple to Use

Content management via the Mindflash virtual training experience is as easy as:

  • Create - optimize existing materials, including PowerPoints, SCORM files, videos, voice-overs, PDF's, and Word docs to make engaging and impactful training tools for your workforce
  • Manage - automate and innovate training programs using the powerful administration tools from Mindflash, simplifying the job of the trainer
  • Track - gain real-time access to dashboards and reports which demonstrate the impact of virtual training on your business's revenue, cost, and profitability
Mobile Classroom

Your Virtual and Mobile Classroom

Mindflash helps to ensure seamless and easily accessible training across your workforce with a virtual classroom platform that allows employees to stay on top of their training obligations. To find out more about how Mindflash can mobilize the learning experience for your business, giving trainers and trainees anywhere, anytime access to engaging and impactful multi-media courses, request a live demo today.

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