Online Course Creation

Create and Upload Engaging and Interactive Courses

Don’t get bogged down by conventional training methods. Create an engaging multi-media training experience with Mindflash’s online course creation. Teach live to your entire organization or offer courses on-demand. Request a demonstration to learn more.

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Cost-Effective Courses

Create online courses that deliver a high-quality and interactive elearning experience. In-person training can be time consuming and expensive. Mindflash is more cost-effective because you can reuse the same learning materials, and there’s no need to hire an expensive in-person trainer.

Content creation is easy with Mindflash-Perfect Content Conversion™. Your content is preserved upon upload. This means your animations, slide builds, embedded videos, links, and audio are all retained and perfectly converted.

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Quiz and Survey Tools

To ensure employees are understanding and retaining the material, add quizzes, assessments, and surveys to your courses.

Mindflash has a wide variety of pre-built quiz options such as:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Picture Labeling
  • True or False
  • Open-Ended Questions
Along with quizzing, Mindflash has powerful reporting to keep track of individual and group progress and to determine who may need additional assistance.

Easily Manage Courses

Create a course sequence for users to follow along in a lesson easily. To manage ongoing training and compliance, you can enable auto-enroll to allow trainees to retake courses on an automated schedule.

Build an on-demand library of content that users can self-enroll in as well to further professional development and increase engagement.

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