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The ability to apply leading-edge technology in all critical functions is, in part, why tech companies succeed or fail. High revenue-per-employee results and the ability to rapidly scale is directly linked to the effectiveness of the training delivered across the enterprise. And live training is neither technologically advanced nor practical, to say nothing of effective, in an often geographically dispersed organization. That's where Mindflash comes in.

Tech LMS

Customizable Features to Fit Your Needs

With Mindflash-hosted online training, your organization benefits from multi-media content, real-time assessments, powerful analytics, deep Salesforce integration, a robust API, and single sign-on. Mindflash's learning management system (LMS) enables organizations to offer frequent training on business-critical topics to help ensure success across the organization. The features offered by Mindflash are all easily leveraged to quickly and accurately qualify and certify consultants, contractors, resellers, and more.

Automated and Innovative

Automated and Innovative

Breakthrough innovations from Mindflash in the areas of content creation, program management, enterprise integration, and business analytics make solving your biggest business challenges nearly effortless. Automated and innovative training programs ensure efficient training for employees whenever and wherever it's needed. And white label branding provides a sense of continuity for employees engaging in those learning programs.

Tech LMS Features

Tech LMS features that help companies scale faster include:

  • Dynamic content - use Word, PDF's, videos, PowerPoints, and SCORM files to quickly create compelling courses
  • Extended enterprise scale - train multiple employees, partners, and contractors across various organizations, platforms, and devices
  • Powerful analytics - measure the impact of training and support data-driven decisions with real-time access to data on trainees and courses
  • Trainee assessment - demonstrate compliance and track trainee compliance in real time with automated quiz scoring
  • Enterprise integrations - rely on robust API's and Single Sign-On for extended enterprise manageability
  • Data Security - trusted by chief security officers at leading companies and Salesforce approved
  • Mobility - employees can take training on any device, whether desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
Mobilize the Learning Experience

Mobilize the Learning Experience

See what a big difference Mindflash makes in enhancing the skills of tech employees. Mindflash's online learning platform mobilizes the learning experience for technology companies, helping to deliver fast, secure, and effective training to a variety of trainee groups. And customizable reminder and course completion emails help to ensure compliance with training deadlines. Sign up for a free LMS demo today so that your company can quickly benefit from the innovative learning management system business leaders across the tech spectrum are choosing.

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