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Tech companies know firsthand that the right software can solve complicated problems and improve operations. As today’s businesses expand across the globe and hire teams of specialized employees, a learning management system (LMS) becomes a must-have for employee training. Mindflash was designed to provide effective and accessible elearning experiences for modern, tech-focused companies.

Import and Create Options

Customizable Features to Fit Your Needs

Training and HR professionals can seamlessly create rich, multimedia courses by uploading educational content in any format. Additionally, Mindflash is outfitted with all the features tech companies know and love, including:
  • Real-time assessments
  • Powerful analytics
  • A deep Salesforce integration
  • A robust API
  • Single sign-on

Mindflash is ideal for quickly and accurately training new employees, contractors, consultants, resellers, and more.

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Automated and Innovative

Mindflash was built with flexibility and automation in mind. Trainees can access their courses anytime, anywhere and are automatically sent reminder emails that keep them on track. And our white-label branding allows you to customize Mindflash to match the look and feel of your other employee management programs.

Mobilize the Learning Experience

Early-stage startups and established enterprise tech companies alike use Mindflash to deliver fast, secure, and effective employee training. Sign up for a free demo today and see how your company can leverage Mindflash to provide a modern employee training experience.

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