Online Learning Management

Access training anywhere, at anytime with an online LMS

There's no denying we're living in an increasingly mobile society. Jobs demand flexibility — and often travel — in virtually every industry. That mobility, combined with varying training needs and disparate schedules has driven the demand for an online learning management system (LMS). But not every online LMS is created equal. Mindflash was designed to meet the needs of a vast array of industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, to retail to software. Mindflash's online LMS provides a simple, intuitive training solution for employees working from home, at the office, or in the field. What's more, it's easy for trainers to track course progress, and even easier for them to send out automated reminders when courses are incomplete.

Online LMS

Optimized Online Learning

As a SCORM compliant online LMS, Mindflash provides the learning platform necessary for safety training, onboarding new hires, regulatory compliance, and ongoing staff training. Human resource officers delight at the ease with which online courses are created and completed. It's as simple as optimizing existing content, defining training groups, assigning specific trainer permission levels, and setting automatic confirmation and reminder emails for employees. The securely archived training results mean that even accessing and providing proof of employee course completion is just a few clicks away. And whether the trainees rely on iOS or Android devices, the mobile-optimized learning experience from Mindflash makes accessing training courses simple and certain.

Software for the Modern Workplace

Innovative Software for the Modern Workplace

Mindflash takes the effort out of solving your biggest business challenges with breakthrough innovations, such as:

  • Content creation - optimize existing content in any format, including Powerpoints, voice-overs, and video
  • Enterprise integration - powerful administration tools help segment, automate, and integrate training programs
  • Business analytics - track the impact of online training on revenue, cost, and profitability
  • Program management - create, distribute, and track training, from anywhere, on any device

Seamless and Accessible Learning

Employee training is both seamless and accessible with the easy-to-use, online LMS from Mindflash. Creating training programs for the entire workforce is simplified while accessing the courses needed to meet training obligations is easier than ever. Mobilize the learning experience for anywhere, anytime access to engaging and impactful multi-media courses — including videos, interactive quizzes, and narration — with Mindflash. Request a free demo today to see how our online LMS provides the administration tools your management team demands and the easily accessible platform that drives employee compliance.

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