Online Learning Management

Access training anywhere, at anytime with an online LMS

Business today is increasingly done online, using modern, cloud-based technology. Unfortunately, too many organizations still rely on in-person training instead of online courses using a learning management system (LMS). Mindflash's elearning platform provides a simple, intuitive training solution for employees working from home, the office, or in the field. 

Online Learning Management

Seamless and Accessible Learning

On the employee-side, training is accessible on any computer or Android or iOS mobile device. They experience engaging and impactful multimedia courses that include videos, interactive quizzes, and narration. All on their own schedule, from anywhere their work takes them.

My Courses

Optimized Online Learning

HR and training professionals delight at the ease of creating online courses with Mindflash. Our LMS makes it simple to:

  • Optimize existing content
  • Define training groups
  • Assign specific trainer permission levels
  • Set automatic confirmation and reminder emails for employees
Additionally, course completion records are securely archived and accessible anytime—ensuring you can provide training compliance confirmation for any employee, with only a few clicks.

Modernized Employee Training

Take advantage of Mindflash and bring your employee training into the 21st century. Request a demo today and find out why organizations from an array of industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, to retail to software, love Mindflash.

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