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The success of your business depends on a vast network of highly trained professionals. From your global supply chain to your complex sales channels, educating dealers, resellers, vendors, and contractors is not only nice but necessary for business growth. And providing training on product specifications, policies, procedures, pricing, safety training, and more on a global scale requires more than live conferences. You need a user-friendly learning management system (LMS) designed to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry. You need Mindflash.

Manufacturing LMS

Bridge the Skills Gap

Mindflash's manufacturing LMS offers powerful analytics and mobile delivery that appeal to companies seeking to promote learning and development within their organizations. By offering frequent training on business-critical topics, manufacturing companies are better able to maintain OSHA compliance, keep customer service employees abreast of new or modified products, and bridge the skills gap between new hires and existing employees.

Secure LMS

Secure and Customizable

With Salesforce approved data security that's trusted by chief security officers at leading companies around the world, Mindflash prevents the competition from gaining access to all of your sensitive training. Simply define training groups based on the unique needs of your company and assign specific permission levels to each of your trainers to provide secure training across the enterprise. Customizable reminder and completion emails, in addition to engaging multi-media courses, help to ensure employees comply with the training schedule set forth by management.

Manufacturing LMS Features

Manufacturing businesses rely on Mindflash's innovative LMS features, including:

  • Mobile learning - get anywhere, anytime access training on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (Android and iOS compatible)
  • Monitor compliance - access training records from a secure archive to ensure compliance
  • Extend enterprise scale - define trainee groups, assign permission levels for trainers, and deploy training across multiple organizations, platforms, and devices
  • Powerful analytics - measure the impact of training on profit and productivity with real-time access to business-critical data
  • Trainee assessment - rely on automated quiz scoring to demonstrate compliance and track trainee performance in real time
  • Efficient management - segment, automate, and integrate employee training on a large scale with flexible administration tools
Cost-Effective LMS

Cost-Effective Online Learning

Find out how Mindflash provides the platform to solve your biggest business challenges. Our cost-effective online learning platform quickly and easily delivers manufacturing training across your enterprise. To learn more about how our learning management system can help you transform your training materials into engaging courses that elevate your business, request a free demo of Mindflash today.

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