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Empower trainers and engage trainees with a robust online training solution

Increased mobility within the workforce is driving the need for new training solutions. No longer can businesses rely solely on set times and places for live trainers to deliver valuable information. Instead, a mobilized workforce needs an online training solution that allows them to get the online courses they need when they need them. That's where Mindflash comes in.

Free Online Training

Easily Deliver Engaging Courses

Designed to meet the needs of multiple industries, Mindflash provides an online training platform without hardware or software that is costly to install and maintain. The learning management system (LMS) from Mindflash makes it easy for trainers to create and deliver engaging courses that trainees can easily access. Whether they're working from home, in the field, or at the office, Mindflash's online training platform allows employees to log on to training via mobile devices (Android or iOS), tablets, desktops, or laptops. And trainers have the ability to automate reminder emails and monitor course progress via the device of their choice.

User-friendly Platform

User-Friendly Platform

Online learning on a user-friendly platform with training content that is compelling helps employees absorb the lessons you're trying to deliver. Employees are happy to complete coursework and your business benefits from lower training costs, increased revenue, and greater profitability.

Modern Training Tools 

Additional features that set Mindflash apart from the competition include:

  • Secure data - rest easy with data security that is approved by Salesforce and trusted by CIO's at leading companies across the globe
  • Dynamic content - create compelling courses using existing content in any format, including SCORM files, PDF's, Word docs, PowerPoints, voice-overs, and video
  • Enterprise integration - extend your enterprise manageability with single sign-on and robust API's
  • Quizzes and assessments - leverage prebuilt surveys and quiz templates to find out how employees are progressing and what content could be optimized
Robust Online Training

Robust Online Training

Free online training software may be acceptable when you have nothing at stake, but for creation and delivery of e-learning courses that encourage employee cooperation by including interactive quizzes, narration, and video, you need Mindflash. Request a live demo of Mindflash today to see how a robust online training solution can boost your bottom line.

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