LMS Reporting

Powerful, focused reporting for your organization

In today’s data and metrics obsessed world, there is a ton useless data.  In the world of LMS reporting, you need easy-to-understand, accessible, actionable data

Here’s how we look at it: Data shouldn’t overwhelm you and reports shouldn’t confuse you. Instead, LMS reporting should make your life easier. It should allow you to easily answer the questions you have. Mindflash reports let you quickly and intuitively answer questions like:

“How many trainees have passed this course already?”

With Mindflash, quickly see how many trainees have passed, how many have failed, how many are in progress, and how many never even started a particular course from the dashboard under the “Track” tab.  A pie chart tells you the status of your course at a glance.

For more detailed info, click on the “View course report” link above the pie chart. There you can see a list of trainees, where they stand, what they’ve scored on each quiz and overall, and more.

With this information you can invite trainees who failed to take the course again or gently remind those who haven’t started yet to start. You can also invite trainees move onto the next course in the series, if you have a series.

“How is my trainee doing?”

Dig deeper and find out how individual trainees are doing in each course. It’s easy.  From the “Track” tab within a course, click “report” next to the trainee’s name and get instant access to status, average score, and individual quiz scores. You can even click on each quiz and see which questions the trainee got wrong – and the wrong answer they gave.

If the trainee failed, did they spend enough time on the material? You can see to the second how long they spent on the course. If the trainee is still in the course, are they making progress or have they stalled? You can see the last time they showed activity.

This data gives you the ability to communicate one-to-one with your trainees based on what you see or draw conclusions from multiple trainees that will help improve the course. It’s a true hands-on approach that puts you in charge.

“How can I make this course even better?”

Better courses lead to more efficient training which leads to more effective employees. And it all starts with the data.

Look at quiz results to see if certain material just isn’t working well. Check to see at what point students get stuck. Get answers from customized, end-of-course surveys that ask trainees directly what they liked, didn’t like, and would improve about the course.

Use this information to improve current and future courses and make the experience – and results – better for everyone.

As a cloud-based LMS, Mindflash collects and keeps your data in the cloud, where you can quickly access it anywhere, anytime.

You can also download your online training data to examine it at a more granular level. On our Advanced or Pro plans you are able to export data sets in multiple formats (PDF, Excel spreadsheet, CSV) to examine it in detail offline.

Drop down menus let you select data so you can see reports based on groups, course status, trainee status, or other customizable filters within a selected range of dates. Or see selected data based on course, series, or trainees. It’s all there at your fingertips.

Comprehensive, powerful data that’s easy to understand

Mindflash provides LMS reporting that helps trainers to make better, more impactful training for their organization. Not data for data’s sake. Real, actionable information you can use.

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