Online Training for Food Service Businesses

Online Training for Food Service Businesses

It takes a lot to keep your establishment running smoothly. From the back office to the kitchen to the dining room, your employees each have specific tasks that all depend on one another to function properly. You need to train them appropriately, to ensure the success of your business.

A Blended Approach

A common method of training in the food service industry is to have new employees shadow experienced staff. It’s popular because it works well. But there are some concepts that are best learned through instruction. For example, employees need to be able to remember all the ingredients in your signature dish. They also need to know how to enter orders, including special requests and dietary restrictions. And perhaps most importantly, they need to be able to follow all of your safety policies. Online instruction is a powerful way to deliver this kind of instruction and with Mindflash, it’s easy to get a program in place quickly.

Developing Your Training is a Piece Of Cake

Chances are, you are not a programmer, nor are you an expert in learning management systems. You don’t have to be, to design training with Mindflash! All you need to know is how to use standard office software and you can design a professional looking training program in just a few days. You can include documents, slide shows, videos, audio, and graphics. Once you’ve finished creating your content, it takes minutes to upload it to Mindflash, where we pull it all together and turn it into a web-based program.

Online Training is Efficient

One of the great features of online training is that you get to pick when your employees train, and you can base that on what days and times are the least busy. This means you don’t have to close up for training or pay your employees to come in during off-hours to complete their training. When you combine that with the affordability of Mindflash’s plans, it’s one of the easiest business decisions you’ll make.

Quizzes, Reports and Surveys

Training is only useful if it’s effective. Mindflash online training allows you to create quizzes, so you can test your employees’ understanding and retention. Pair that with the reporting features, and you can track employee progress easily. And because your employees may have valuable feedback to offer, Mindflash allows you to create surveys for your course, as well.

Change is Good

Your business is always evolving and changing. From new menu items to new inventory management procedures, it’s important to keep your employees current. When you use Mindflash online training, it’s easy to update your program and quickly deliver new training material to employees.

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