Online Safety Training for OSHA Compliance

Online Safety Training for OSHA Compliance

There’s nothing like a federal mandate to bolster the need for a robust safety training program! OSHA requirements are numerous and specific and they change over time. Do you have the resources to keep up with the necessary training, as well as the inevitable re-training? While you should never cut corners when it comes to safety, you can take shortcuts to get a successful training program.

Fast can still be good

It only takes a few days to develop your training program when you use Mindflash. The results are polished and professional, and you can create the entire program with the office software you use every day. Simply create your material, including slideshows, videos, and handouts and upload them to Mindflash. We’ll convert those files to a web-based format, in minutes!

Online training reaches employees everywhere

Whether your company has multiple sites or you employ a field staff scattered throughout the country, it can be unrealistic to rely on in-person training to get the information out, and safety is just too important to rely on static-filled conference calls. Between the cost of all that travel and the time investment required, training can instantly become a real budget-buster. But online training lives in the Cloud, where it can easily reach employees regardless of location, operating system, or even device.

Asynchronous delivery means employees train when they have time

Training doesn’t have to be a threat to productivity, when you train your employees online. Online training means you don’t have to herd employees into a conference room for days at a time. Employees can log in and train when their schedules permit. This is especially important if your staff is out in the field. Mindflash will track their progress and report it to you in real time.

But did they really learn anything?

An effective training program needs to be able to prove that employees learn what they need to learn. Mindflash online training allows you to create and incorporate quizzes, so you can verify that your employees understood and can recall the content. You can even add a survey as a way to gather feedback or field questions.

Refresher training is a click away

Whether for business or regulatory reasons, your employees may need to periodically re-take a course. In this case, all they need to do is log back in and go through it again. You can even use your courses to bring new employees up to speed fast.

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