Online Learning Tools

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are the ultimate online learning tools. We’re living in an unprecedented age where anyone with access to the internet has free access to knowledge and information like never before. Online learning tools like Mindflash help organize and systematize that information for easy learning.

What is a Learning Management System?

An LMS is an online learning tool that allows creators to develop courses for other people to take. The courses are often multimedia, incorporating PDFs, videos, PowerPoint slides, and even quizzes. An LMS is not just a collection of various elements that make up the content of a course; it’s an interface that guides the student through the materials in a logical and seamless way.

As online learning tools, LMS’s are regularly used by universities to teach courses to students, companies to train employees or customers, and hobbyists or people who simply love learning new things, among others.

Online learning platforms like Mindflash have several advantages over traditional in-person classroom learning: it typically costs less per student, because many, many students can take one online course; it’s more convenient, because students can access it at any time instead of showing up in class in person; and it’s often more effective, because it allows students to go at their own pace instead of being forced to learn along with the fastest or slowest students in the class.

Mindflash Lets Employers Create Courses Easily and Intuitively

Mindflash is the ultimate online learning tool for employee training. It was created to help businesses train their employees effectively and efficiently.

When you sign up with Mindflash, you can immediately begin creating courses, no IT or computer pro required. Base courses off of existing materials you’ve already created or start from scratch for something custom. Create as many courses as you need to address all of your employee training needs, teaching such things as:

  • Orientation for new employees
  • New developments in your industry
  • Regular health and safety refreshers
  • Specific skills

And more.

By onboarding new hires quickly, keeping existing employees current on health and safety regulations and advances in the industry, and supporting employee professional development, Mindflash helps companies save money in the long run by reducing costs associated with turnover and onboarding.

Plus, get the reports you need to keep track of progress by course, by individual, or by group. You can easily see who’s exceling and who needs a little extra help.

Mindflash Is Convenient and Easy to Use for Employees

Taking courses on Mindflash is as easy as creating them. Because it’s a cloud-based online learning tool, Mindflash lets employees access courses in the cloud on any device – computer, tablet, or phone – with an internet connection. It’s learning that fits in with the digital age.

For extra accountability, and to ensure employees are comprehending what they’re learning, you can incorporate quizzes into courses and set a required passing score. Those who don’t pass take the course again. Those who do finish or move on to the next course in the series. The learning doesn’t have to stop.

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