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Grammar Phobic or Grammar Guru? Writing Rules to Use or Ignore (Part 1)

When it comes to business writing, it seems most of us fall into one of two general categories - Grammar Phobics or Grammar Gurus

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[Infographic] How to Make Mandatory Trainings Bearable

For those of us in the training design and delivery world, mandatory training triggers a triple-groan. Not only do we need to create or update mandatory training every year, but we also have to complete it, and then spend countless hours cajoling, begging, or threatening our trainees to complete it. So how do we move beyond the collective groan and design it to feel a little less like an annual punishment? [Infographic below]

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[Infographic] Creating Infographics for Your Training


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True or False? Using True-False Quiz Questions is a Total Cop Out

Writing solid, results-oriented quizzes is, in my opinion, one of the biggest challenges of training design.  And of all the quiz question types we commonly use, perhaps the most abused and disrespected is the “True or False” (T/F) question.

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5 Super-Easy Techniques for Removing Backgrounds from Stock Images

Have you ever found yourself struggling to find a stock image with a transparent background?  Or, maybe you’ve wasted hours of your time trying to remove the background from an image?  You’re not alone in being annoyed by this problem. In fact, whenever I mention being a PowerPoint junkie and online training developer, I always get the same question:

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3 Rs of Smarter Training Design: Reuse, Recycle, Renew

With many training and development departments stretched thin or nearly non-existent, the task of creating new online training is daunting enough. Who has time to think about, let alone do,  maintenance?  Of course program maintenance is usually the one thing no one ever budgets [enough] time or money for. And yet, allowing your programs to go stale poses significant operational risks like resource confusion, alienation of the training audience, and higher operating costs (just to name a few).

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Getting Into Your Training Groove (even when you don't dig your topic)

I’ve always believed that no matter how dull a training topic might be, it shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity; rather, it should inspire ingenuity.  But even those of us self-described "creative types" must admit there are some topics that are just hard to get excited about.  When your job is to create an engaging, profound, performance-altering experience (due yesterday and with no budget, of course) how do you ignite that creative spark to help you turn the world’s most boring material into the world’s most amazing training?

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Donna Wells to lead online training software company, now in private beta

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Reaching the Reluctant Trainee, Part 2

In part 1 of “Reaching the Reluctant Trainee”, I explored two basic types of reluctant trainees – the Skeptic and the Technophobe -and gave you some tips and techniques I use to get to know my training audience better.  In most cases, a fear of change drives the reluctant behavior, but only when you’ve identified the specific barriers feeding the fear can you strategize an approach to overcome them.  So that's what this post is all about -  ideas you can use for creating training buy-in, even from the most reluctant trainees. 

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Reaching the Reluctant Trainee, Part 1

If you've always assumed that your training audience should be purely motivated by the goals & objectives you provide, I’ll wager that you’ve also come across a few holdouts that resist online training no matter how many goals or objectives you throw at them. These are the trainees who will not be won over by logical arguments about improved performance or smarter workflows. At one time or another, all trainers must confront this challenge: How do you reach that most elusive of creatures – the reluctant trainee?

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