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It’s Time to Get Personal in eLearning

2017 will be the year of personalization in eLearning. As eLearning becomes more and more popular, students will demand more interaction, entertainment, and personalization. Going forward, a one-size-fits-all approach will no longer be the norm. Personalization in eLearning can mean a few different things from creating personalized learning plans and paths based on an individual’s job role, learning style, to capitalizing on students’ personal interests and objectives. Simply, personalized eLearning is student-centered learning in which the learning needs of the individual become the primary focus. Furthermore, it has now been shown that when delivery of blanket content is not interesting enough or specifically relevant that learners become disconnected and uninspired or unmotivated to learn. So, the time has come for the learning department or officers to look at the individual rather than the organization as a whole differentiated and diagnostic within an individual’s personal make up as to what will make the their training program and objectives more effective.

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Mindflash Named One of the Country's Best Workplaces for Flexibility

March 29, 2016, Palo Alto, CA –  Mindflash, a Silicon Valley tech start-up, was today honored as one of the 50 Best Workplaces for Flexibility in the United States by the Great Place to Work® Institute and Fortune magazine. The company, which provides the market leading next generation Learning Management System (LMS) used by organizations from Apple to UBER, was selected from a list of 500 semi-finalist companies of different sizes across a range of industries. Mindflash came in 4th on the list, and was one of only six Silicon Valley tech companies to receive this honor in the award’s inaugural year.

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From Uber to Apple: Mindflash Delivers 7 Million Training Courses to Help Companies Scale

Silicon Valley learning management system, Mindflash (,is hitting significant business milestones – on account of growing demand from unicorns to large enterprises to help train their employees, customers and partners in a scalable, effective and measurable way. Today, Mindflash works with companies from Fortune 100s to non-profits -- including the likes of Apple, Hilton, Intuit and Uber -- to deliver training courses across 177countries.

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7 Safety Training Videos That Hurt to Watch

Looking to help promote safe behavior and reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace? Like a lot of employers, you might be inclined -- perhaps required -- to create safety training videos for all new hires. A word of caution, however, before you start scripting, lining up your staff "cast," and shooting video: Resist the temptation to play Tarantino and hire a pro. Otherwise you may end up with laughable results ... like these. Here are 7 job-safety videos so cheesy, so hackneyed they deserve a little wider recognition. Enjoy.

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As a Course Creator, You Need These eLearning Tips

Through eLearning, trainers enjoy the benefits of being able to effectively and efficiently teach trainees what they need to know. One of the key challenges with course material on your LMS is finding a way to gain the attention of your students. Below are a few resources to help you keep learners engaged and growing.

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The Power That Comes with Virtual Coaching on an mLearning Platform

Corporate learning and development is an ever evolving process. Whether someone chooses to take a certification course, take a trade school class or go through college; getting your staff to better themselves is crucial to the success of your enterprise.

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Producing Microlearning Courses - What Do I Need To Know?

What are the advantages of microlearning?

  • It doesn’t overwhelm the user with an intimidating amount of information to absorb.
  • It easily fits around other work-related tasks as small, regular breaks that provide a stimulating period of mentally engaging activity which helps maintain productivity.
  • It allows users to learn only what they want or need at that point in time in relation to their role.
  • It encourages users to develop professionally and add value to your organization (in order to gain access to further learning opportunities).

Interested in what microlearning has to offer? Whilst you consider this innovative learning technique as an option for your workforce’s training, have a quick browse of the following tips on how to produce microlearning courses for your staff.

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Become a More Valuable Employee in 2016

2016 ResolutionIf you haven’t already come up with a work-related resolution for 2016, here’s one to consider: Become a more valuable employee. Being more valuable to your company not only helps with job security, it could put you on the path to promotions and raises. It’s a nice position to be in.

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What is Self-Service Learning?

Сatering party with people hands and dishesSelf-service – it’s a term that most of us view as synonymous with convenient, quick and hassle-free.

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How to Easily Train People to Use Salesforce with Cirrus Insight

Salesforce Spotlight - Cirrus Insight

Now that our we are on the Salesforce AppExchange for our Salesforce LMS, we've been getting acquainted with the other awesome companies on the block.

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