Introducing the Mindflash Blog!

We’ve talked to a lot of trainers over the past year and we heard that many of them are looking for really practical information on best practices for online training. They’re curious about things like:

  • Do I have time to get my training online?
  • Will my trainees like it? Will my boss?
  • Is online training too impersonal?
  • Will online training simplify my day (or just make it more complicated)?
  • Does it actually work?

What motivated us to start our own blog is that we didn’t see much information out there addressing these types of questions. (There are definitely some, like Tom Kuhlmann and Cathy Moore, that we’re big fans of.) We think of our blog as a place to share ideas about simple, high-impact ways to make your online training better. Here are our goals for the Mindflash blog:

  • Be practical: the tips you get here can be applied immediately and without much overhead
  • Be relevant: we’ll be focused on real-world questions; think of it as training in practice vs. training theory
  • Listen: we want to start conversations about the issues trainers like you are tackling every day, hopefully providing some insight and making your job easier

Take a look in the coming weeks and let us know how we’re doing, let us know what topics you care about, and get involved in the conversation!

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