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Take Control of Your Personal Learning Journey

A consistently-used  criterion in the annual “best companies to work for” lists is the level of corporate investment in employee training. Yet, 81% of learners are responsible for managing their own personal development, according to a Training Zone infographic released earlier this year. There’s no real discrepancy between these two facts. Clearly, if you happen …

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How Office Thermostat Wars Relate to Learning Preferences

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Disagreed with a co-worker over the room temperature lately? If yes, did you decide to put on (or remove) an extra layer of clothing and grin and bear it? Or did you engage in a contest of wills for ultimate thermostatic control? If you’ve dealt with ambient temperature disagreements—either passively or assertively (or aggressively), you’re …

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Mindflash Effective Online Training

6 Principles of Effective Online Training that Will Surprise You

When it comes to developing online training, technology is making it easier to create courses that are visually appealing, interactive, and engaging. This is a good thing, after all, because visually appealing, interactive, and engaging online training is more effective, right? Not so fast. It turns out that online training like this can detract from …

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Breaking Free: Use Blended Learning to Transcend Both Classroom and Online Training

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Traditional classroom training or online training—which is better? A strong case can be made for either method. But a stronger case can be made for transcending this either/or choice in favor of blended learning. With the innovative digital learning technologies released every day, you can use an LMS to blend online and live training into a compelling, …

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The Numbers Don’t Lie: Post-Sales-Training Reinforcement Works

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While most organizations do provide initial training for their sales force, only 44% of organizations use post-training reinforcement to provide long term support for their sales teams, according to the Aberdeen group. But, how can salespeople, especially new hires, be expected to beat expectations without post-training reinforcement? That is, how can individual salespeople improve their …

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