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LMS for Nepal

Free Online Training Software for Nepal Earthquake First Responders

We’ve been seeing the same images that you have of the devastating situation in Nepal…but we feel we’re in a unique position to help.  Since our online training platform is specifically designed to support rapid course creation, editing and distribution, we are making our product available for free to any organization involved in relief efforts in Nepal …

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Create Audio for E Learning -

How To: Creating the Mindflash Example Course

Many customers have reached out to Mindflash recently asking how we created our Mindflash Example Courses so we decided to put together a blog post to share the steps we followed. This article will walk you through the best tools to use and the best practices to follow in order to create the best video …

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Millenial Training

Creating Training for Millennials that Works

Millenials, they say, grew up on gadgets, PCs, wireless, and Smartphones. Millenials are said to believe that “smaller is better”, multi-tasking is a basic survival skill, collaboration reigns over individualism, and are advocates and activists in favor of positive social good and social change. The Millenial generation, now aged 18-33 (more or less), has always lived …

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Elevate Your Management Skills: Quick Start Guide to Training Your Employees Yourself

Managers are often measured on their team’s results. And when a manager’s team includes trained employees with small skills gaps, such a team can often deliver better results. Couple this fact with the fact that job candidates often cite the ability to work with a manager they respect and from whom they can learn as a top …

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Technology in the hands

7 Digitally-Enabled Learning Techniques Scrutinized and Categorized

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Industry terms come and go. New terms crop up, while other terms disappear. Sometimes terms remain, but their meaning changes over time. The online training industry is no exception, and if you don’t use the “right” or “latest” term, others may not see you as an industry expert. One such interesting term is “digitally-enabled learning”, or …

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