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How to Encourage Employees to Comply with Compliance Training Requirements

Compliance training—or training that helps employees understand how to comply with the legal, ethical and policy-related aspects of doing business—is often mandated by an agency external to the organization. In other words, compliance with the request to have employees complete compliance training is often non-negotiable. But when the word “compliance” conjures up so many negative …

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Can Centralized and Decentralized Online Training Co-Exist?

Centrally managed. Those two words conjure many images in my mind…Big Brother, top-down control, central command—as three examples. When it comes to applying the words “centrally managed” to online training, the traditional LMS comes to mind. The traditional LMS is generally thought of as a centrally managed online training system with the purpose of making life easier for managers. …

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3 Secrets of Workshop Facilitators: Leverage Them to Author eLearning Rapidly

I personally love facilitated, in-person training workshops. I relish the idea of taking a break from work and life (particularly if it’s at an exotic location or a posh hotel) and to sit back and absorb learning away from the fires of daily life. In-person workshops also provide the opportunity to congregate with peers in a …

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BYOD vs. 1:1 Debate Creates Opportunities for the Device-Agnostic Designer

Here’s where the opportunity comes in for learning professionals: Forget the BYOD versus 1:1 versus hybrid model versus anything else. Design and deploy learning content that is device-agnostic. The Debate: New for Schools, Not So New for Corporations Technology is increasingly being integrated in schools, and a hotly debated technical decision is to follow a …

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Uncovering the Full Advantages of Cloud-Based Learning Solutions

When the words “cloud” and “learning” are mentioned together, I can’t help thinking of “daydreaming”. Not a desirable word association. But, when it comes to learning, having your head in the clouds—cloud-based learning solutions, of course—is just fine. The appeal of shifting to the cloud becomes clearer when considering IT needs. IT departments need to …

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