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mlearning on a train

The Power That Comes with Virtual Coaching on an mLearning Platform

Corporate learning and development is an ever evolving process. Whether someone chooses to take a certification course, take a trade school class or go through college; getting your staff to better themselves is crucial to the success of your enterprise. Not everyone has time get the type of coaching, schooling or classes that they’re interested in. As a …

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micro learning blocks

Producing Microlearning Courses – What Do I Need To Know?

What are the advantages of microlearning? It doesn’t overwhelm the user with an intimidating amount of information to absorb. It easily fits around other work-related tasks as small, regular breaks that provide a stimulating period of mentally engaging activity which helps maintain productivity. It allows users to learn only what they want or need at …

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2016 Resolution

Become a More Valuable Employee in 2016

If you haven’t already come up with a work-related resolution for 2016, here’s one to consider: Become a more valuable employee. Being more valuable to your company not only helps with job security, it could put you on the path to promotions and raises. It’s a nice position to be in. But how do you …

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Сatering party with people hands and dishes

What is Self-Service Learning?

Self-service – it’s a term that most of us view as synonymous with convenient, quick and hassle-free. Can the same be said about learning independently and completely unassisted?  With the advent of elearning, can highly motivated people better their careers through self service learning? Should these principles be applied to a process that traditionally takes time and …

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How to Easily Train People to Use Salesforce with Cirrus Insight

Salesforce Spotlight – Cirrus Insight Now that our we are on the Salesforce AppExchange for our Salesforce LMS, we’ve been getting acquainted with the other awesome companies on the block. We are so glad to welcome Josh Loomis from Cirrus Insight Insight to our humble blog! If you don’t know what Cirrus does, you must …

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