What is E-Learning?

As groups of learners and employees get more and more spread out — whether they’re working from home, or a regional office, or in another country entirely — the need to transfer information online has risen sharply. As such, the industry surrounding e-learning has taken off.

E-Learning SoftwareE-learning describes a wide range of technologies and techniques all relating to the digital transfer of information over computer networks to disparate groups of learners. So, for instance, a distance college course fits into the umbrella of “e-learning,” as does the online sexual harassment training program at work.

As such, the ways people deliver online education or training can vary pretty dramatically based on the context of their aims. Learning Management Systems can help in many cases by providing a way for trainers to store easily accessible information and course materials, grade tests and quizzes, and track students’ progress.

And with recent advancements in computing technology — especially mobile computing — niche industries within e-learning have begun to sprout: m-learning (mobile), t-learning (tablet), and so on. As e-learning moves more into the mainstream, it’s only bound to continue to grow and expand.

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