Training Development Software

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Developing courses that will effectively engage and teach trainees without spending ages on the project is no easy task. And many of the training development software programs out there are either too complex or geared toward a specific industry. Fortunately, the learning management system (LMS) from Mindflash was designed to be flexible and easy-to-use, while meeting the needs of all sorts of industries (healthcare, manufacturing, retail, software, etc.).

Training Development Software

Author Compelling Courses

Mindflash allows trainers to take existing learning content in the format of their choice, including PDF's, PowerPoints, videos, voice-overs, SCORM files (Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline), or Word docs to author compelling courses in a matter of minutes. Employees benefit from content geared toward their specific needs and trainers have the time to focus on other things.

Training Development Features

Training Development Software Features

Mindflash continues to revolutionize course creation and delivery with:
  • Custom branding - customize the user experience (custom courses, custom email, custom domain, trainee dashboards) using the white-label branding option
  • Live edit - edit on the fly to instantly incorporate updates and feedback
  • Trainee assessment - track trainee progress in real time by leveraging pre-built quizzes (matching, fill in the blank, select all, multiple choice, etc.) and surveys
  • Efficient management tools - use flexible admin tools to segment, automate, and integrate training programs
  • Extended enterprise scale - train thousands of employees across multiple organizations, platforms, and devices

Easy E-Learning Tools

Trainee development software need not be bulky or difficult to use. By creating e-learning courses on Mindflash's cloud-based LMS, trainers can ensure that the online training content is suited to the audience while lowering training costs for the organization and simplifying the entire process for themselves. To find out more about our e-learning authoring tools and how they make content creation easy, request your live demo of Mindflash today.

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