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Traditional classrooms, with set schedules and mandatory attendance, are virtually a thing of the past. Today's workforce is often divided by more than departments and schedules. They find themselves working from different cities, states, or even countries. Effective training solutions must meet their mobile needs. And while free employee training software may seem appealing, it lacks the flexibility of Mindflash.

Employee Training Software

Access from Any Device Anytime

As a robust learning management system (LMS), Mindflash offers an easy-to-use training platform in which trainers can quickly create compelling content using existing Word docs, SCORM files, videos, voice-overs, PDF's, and PowerPoints. By setting automated reminder and completion emails, trainers help to ensure employee compliance. Moreover, employees benefit from user-friendly, multi-media course content that can be accessed from any device (laptop, desktop, tablet, or iOS or Android mobile device), at any time.

Powerful Tools

Powerful Tools

Mindflash's innovative platform simplifies content creation, delivery, and monitoring, with:

  • Robust data security - approved by Salesforce and trusted by CIO's around the world
  • Dynamic authoring tools - use existing content in any format, including PDF's, Word docs, videos, PowerPoints, voice-overs, and SCORM files, to create compelling content
  • Assessments and quizzes - use prebuilt surveys and quiz templates (multiple choice, fill in the blank, labeling, etc.) to monitor the effectiveness of your training courses
  • Integration - rely on robust API's and single sign-on to extend manageability across your enterprise

Effective Online Learning

Free employee training software may be suitable when you have nothing at stake, but for creation and delivery of effective online learning courses that encourage employee cooperation by including narration, video, and interactive quizzes, you need Mindflash. See how you can encourage employee compliance, boost employee performance, and manage training costs by requesting a live demo of Mindflash today.

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