Gamified Learning Platform

Encourage learning across your enterprise

As our society has become more technologically savvy, training needs have also evolved. Monotonous training sessions that require attendance, but provide little engagement are nearly a thing of the past. Capturing the attention and interest of employees who are used to navigating the web and playing complex video games requires a learning management system (LMS) that provides blended learning solutions on an easily accessed platform. The gamified learning platform from Mindflash is just what the tech-savvy trainee is looking for.

Gamified Learning

Drive Engagement

Whether trainees work from home, in the field, or at the office, Mindflash's intuitive learning solution addresses their needs for onboarding, safety training, and regulatory compliance. The SCORM compliant mobile LMS from Mindflash provides the learning platform human resource officers have been demanding. With Mindflash, creating impactful courses that drive engagement is as easy as optimizing existing content (videos, voice-overs, PDF's, PowerPoints, etc.). Prebuilt, interactive quizzes and surveys keep employees on track as they encourage knowledge retention. And monitoring the progress of the trainees is easy with securely archived results.

Gamified Learning Platform Tools

Mindflash helps promote business-critical knowledge retention with:

  • Program management - use the simple authoring tool to create, distribute, and track training from any device, at anytime
  • Business analytics - monitor the impact of mobile learning on revenue, cost, and profitability
  • Enterprise integration - segment, automate, and integrate learning programs with flexible administration tools
The online LMS from Mindflash promotes learner engagement with training that is seamless, compelling, and easily accessible. Optimize the learning experience across your enterprise by engaging a gamified learning platform. Request your live demo of Mindflash today.

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