Create Quizzes to Ensure Understanding

Insert questions at any point in your course using our easy-to-use templates. We handle the rest: grading, real-time results for each trainee, and course-level reports. With Mindflash, you know who needs follow up and you know when your team is ready to execute.


Quick, Easy Question Setup

Choose from multiple question formats to suit your course and trainees: Multiple Choice, True-False, Order the Steps, and more.


Automated Grading

No need to spend time reviewing and grading quizzes. Mindflash automatically grades each question for you.


Real-Time Performance Tracking

Our reports show each trainee’s score on every quiz, allowing you to focus your personal coaching with the colleagues who need it most.

I love the ability to incorporate virtually all of our training materials into our Mindflash account. It’s tremendously useful for consolidating and tracking.

Andy Wiggins, Retail Sales Manager, Efinancial

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