Training Made Easy with Simple LMS

With Mindflash, your trainees can take courses when and where they like, and at their own pace. They’ll thank you for that. And you won’t need to wrangle everyone into a single room or online meeting to provide a professional, convenient training experience. We’re thinking you’ll be happier using our simple LMS too.

Convenient Online Learning

Courses are available to trainees anytime, anywhere they have internet access—making it easy to complete training on time.

Simple LMS With Intuitive Experience

Trainees will find your training website familiar and easy to use. They experience your training exactly as you want them to.

Save Travel Cost and Time

Let your trainees avoid the hassle and expense of business travel. They'll appreciate having more time at home. Your CFO will appreciate having more money in the bank.

"I have 200 employees across 6 cities (in Mexico!). Mindflash has saved us time and money in training and allows us to strictly control the quality of each course across all geographies. "

Gabriel Marjarrez, Finestrella