Panopto Alternatives

Mindflash, the comprehensive alternative to Panopto

Just as technology has permeated the rest of society, it has changed the way training takes place in the workplace. It's no longer practical to gather all employees to a central location to conduct training with live speakers. Instead, it's helpful, or even necessary to have a platform for content management in which all of your important teaching tools can be housed and distributed amongst your workforce. And while a video platform is nice, it doesn't help with the creation and distribution of learning tools such as PDF's, Word docs, PowerPoints, and SCORM docs (Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline). Fortunately, Mindflash can help with all of that.

Panopto Alternatives

Keep Employees On Track

Whether you're seeking to edit video content on the fly, or are simply looking for a friendly learning management platform, the learning management system (LMS) from Mindflash helps to solve your biggest business challenges with active learning in an online platform. Providing training for your entire workforce is as simple as optimizing existing content, assigning permission levels for trainers, defining training groups, and setting automatic confirmation and reminder emails that help keep employees on track.

Three Easy Steps

Three Easy Steps

The virtual training experience with Mindflash is as easy as:

  • Content creation - optimize existing materials, including video content, voice-overs, Word docs, PDF's, PowerPoints, and SCORM docs to make relevant and impactful training tools for your workforce
  • Content management - automate and innovate training programs using powerful administration tools from Mindflash
  • Track - gain real-time access to dashboards and reports that show the impact of virtual training on the cost, revenue, and profitability of your business

We're the Complete Package

What's more, as Mindflash is designed to be mobile, employees can log on to training anytime, from any device, including tablets, iPads, mobile devices (iOS or Android), laptops, and desktops. Video management is a key part of a virtual training platform, but it's not the only part. Request a live demo of Mindflash today to see how we're the complete package.

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