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Mindflash iPad AppNovember 28, 2012 – PALO ALTO, CA – Mindflash, the leading online training platform for businesses, today announced the launch of its breakthrough iPad training application. For the first time, the 7.5 million PowerPoint training documents created daily (nearly two billion over the past 12 months) by businesses worldwide1 can not only be viewed perfectly on the iPad, but can also be seamlessly integrated with training videos, quizzes and surveys to create a compelling, mobile learning experience for the nearly 20 million business users of iPads globally2. The Mindflash iPad app is available and free for current Mindflash customers in the Apple Store today.

“Businesses create their employee training materials in PowerPoint…period,” stated Donna Wells, CEO of Mindflash. “Whether you love or hate PowerPoint, it’s a fact. So the explosion of remote work and iPad business usage has created a massive gap between all of that training documentation…and the mobile workforce that needs that information on the go. Our iPad app closes that gap.”

The Mindflash iPad app allows corporate trainers to easily create web and mobile training courses with no IT support required, saving them significant time and money versus live, webinar or training with an LMS.

Key Features of the Mindflash iPad app include:

  • Truly “Desktop-Equivalent” Experience: Trainees can view training documents on their iPad exactly as they do on their desktop. PowerPoint animations, embedded videos and hyperlinks all work perfectly.
  • Seamless Training Experience: Trainees can start a course on their office computer and pick up where they left off on their iPad while commuting home. Their time-in-course and quiz scores are recorded across all devices, in real time.
  • Uniquely Engaging, Mobile Training Experience: Mindflash courses seamlessly integrate PowerPoint, Word or PDF content with videos, YouTube and hyperlinked content to give trainees an interactive learning experience while working from home, the airport or the customer’s office lobby - anywhere.
  • Real-Time Management Reporting of Mobile Learning: Trainers get instant access to data on trainees’ progress and performance across all of their desktop and mobile sessions.


“The new Mindflash app raises the bar for training on the iPad," added Wells. "For the first time, trainers can easily create interactive and mobile training courses from the files they use everyday. We're delivering a capability that is critical to business success in our increasingly mobile, Bring Your Own Device environment."

Over 400,000 courses have been completed by hundreds of thousands of trainees on Mindflash since its September 2010 launch. This rapid growth has been driven by the software’s award-winning ease-of-use, and by 2012 enhancements including a deeply integrated application with Yammer, the leading social enterprise network. To try Mindflash free for 30 days visit www.mindflash.com.

About Mindflash

Mindflash provides the leading online platform for employee and customer training. Its cloud-based, simple-yet-powerful design allows businesses to more easily create and manage critical company training programs - saving them significant time and money. No engineering or IT support is required, as there is no software to install or maintain. Courses are available securely anytime, anywhere that employees have Internet access. Courses are created using the file types that businesses already use (PowerPoint, PDF, Word, video, audio). Trainers simply upload and organize files using an intuitive course dashboard, add quizzes, and then publish to the web to create self-paced new hire training, sales training, customer certification courses, etc. As needed, the software scales to support thousands of simultaneous training sessions. Mindflash customers include Hilton Hotels, LoanDepot, Spectrum Healthcare, Ericsson, Airbnb, Yammer, Shutterfly and Dyson.

Founded in 1999, Mindflash is a privately held company and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. To learn more, please visit www.mindflash.com.

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1 As early as 2001, estimates were 30 million PowerPoints made per day http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2001/05/28/010528fa_fact_parker Mindflash analysis indicates 25% contain training content.


2 100 million iPads sold to date: http://www.zdnet.com/apple-media-event-by-the-numbers-7000006088/ and 21% of IPad use for Business



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