Mindflash Releases Q4 Corporate Training Trends Report

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Survey from the last quarter of 2013 shows that California remains the top state for eLearning, the Software industry spends the most on eLearning, and completion rates across industries is high.

Q4 Trend Report PreviewPalo Alto, CA—January 28, 2014—Mindflash has released the results of its latest research on corporate eLearning, based on data from hundreds of thousands of eLearning users. Highlighting user trends based on industry and geographic location, this is the third report released by Mindflash, a leader in eLearning software.

The top states for training in Q4, based on percentage of users, were California (16.73%),  Mississippi (8.47%), Illinois (7.8%), Massachusetts (6.57%) and  Georgia (5.38%). In Q3, the top states were California, New York and Texas respectively. The most common industries for eLearning based on percentage of users were Healthcare (same as the two previous quarters), followed by Software, Financial Services, Health/Wellness and IT Services. Software, however, spent the most on eLearning with 7.45% of dollars spent, followed by Healthcare, Financial Services and Insurance.

“Regulatory compliance, a distributed workforce and ongoing clinical training are likely the large drivers for healthcare’s strong adoption of eLearning,” says Randhir Vieira, vice president of product and marketing at Mindflash. “As far as investment, it’s no surprise that software takes the cake. Software companies have continual, ongoing needs to invest in training for both users and customers, particularly with new releases happening faster all the time.”

The top industries by completion rates were Insurance, Software, Staffing, Healthcare and Financial Services. Positively, the completion rates for eLearning in those industries was 94% and higher, indicating that users have adapted well to online training.

Intriguingly, the most common day for beginning a course, completing it and passing it was Tuesday. “It’s not the first day of the week, which tends to be a very busy day for most people, “ says Vieira. “Yet the fact that the second day in the week is the most popular day for starting and completing courses, indicates that training is actually fairly high on employees’ priority lists and they like to tackle it before the week drags on.”

The full survey results are available here. Survey results from Q3 are available here.

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