Mindflash Survey: Workers Say Training Improves Job Performance

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But Over 60% of Those Surveyed Received Less Than 20 Hours of Training in the Past Year

Palo Alto, California – February 18, 2013Mindflash released the results today of an online survey focused on employer training trends in the United States.  Over 200 workers between the ages of 18 and 60 years old answered up to 14 questions each.  Their responses, gathered over the last two weeks in January, paint a marginally optimistic picture of corporate training in medium and large businesses across industries.

An overwhelming majority of participants, nearly 71%, reported that their employers consider training to be important, but only 38% said they received 20 or more hours of training in the past year.  On the other hand, almost 58% of participants said that training was helping them to do their jobs a lot better, while approximately 38% said training helped their job performance “a little.”  Along the same lines, a large majority (nearly 67%) said that more training would deliver further on-the-job benefits, and most workers (almost 62%) would be willing to take training courses during non-work hours.

“Our latest survey shows that employers and employees believe in the value of training and are seeing concrete results from participating in training on-the-job,” said Randhir Vieira, vice president of product and marketing at Mindflash.  “With expectations rising all the time for companies to take advantage of new technologies, meet compliance requirements and address changing customer expectations, it’s no surprise that training is gaining more clout as a tactic to stay competitive.”

Other important survey findings:

  • 14% of respondents said their employers offered zero training in the past year
  • Nearly 11% of workers felt training would not help them to do their jobs better
  • Over 12% reported they’d be willing to pay their employers for extra training
  • Greater than 70% of workers said they’d be willing to spend as much as $1,000 of their own money on more training
  • A majority (over 60%) of respondents reported their compensation is between $25,000 and $149,000 per year, and almost 74% have earned a college degree

An infographic containing anecdotes of the craziest training experiences of 2013 can be found here.

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