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PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 17, 2011) - Mindflash, the company that makes online training easy, today announced that they have made their award-winning product even better with a slew of fantastic new enhancements. This update comes on the heels of the company's September 13th launch of Mindflash Marketplace, which allows people to easily make money by selling their training content online.

The Mindflash platform is new-and-improved in three major ways:

1) More Social! New social features make it easier to tell the world about public courses via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with the push of a button. And if questions arise in the middle of taking a course, trainees can now contact their trainers directly from the course itself. Mindflash sends the message along with a screen shot of the page where the trainee has questions.

2) New Ways to Learn! Trainers can now add surveys and open-ended questions, giving them the ability to glean in-depth feedback on their courses. These new question formats also give trainees an easy way to share ideas on how to make courses more effective.

3) More Flexibility! Mindflash now includes the ability to customize management reports (by team, office, country, etc.) to improve internal reporting. Course emails now show a trainer's name (rather than "Mindflash") in the email "from" field, to improve deliverability and visibility. And, the ability to set a required sequence of courses in a group and to set course passing based on average scores provides ultimate control over the learning experience.

The Mindflash user community has a thriving forum at where customers regularly request features and discuss best practices. Many of Mindflash's feature updates are sourced from the community, and anyone can join for free to voice their opinion on what Mindflash should build next.

"Mindflash is all about making knowledge sharing and online training better. And with more than 100,000 course completions to-date, we're confident that our platform is making the process of online training easy and efficient," said Mindflash CEO Donna Wells. "Technology is doing amazing things for businesses of all sizes every day, and there's no reason it shouldn't also help your employees and coworkers work smarter. At Mindflash, we're constantly improving our training platform to help you get more done, faster."

"With sales reps in 18 countries speaking five languages, getting everyone up to speed on new products and policies was next to impossible," said Jocelyn Vande Velde, Director of Education & Sales Training at Johnson Health Tech. "Mindflash makes it incredibly easy for us to train all of our employees online, and I would estimate it has saved us over $200,000 this year alone."

To test out these new features, share information and make sure everyone in your organization is ready to succeed, visit for a free, 30-day no-obligation trial today.

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Mindflash provides a web platform for experts and trainers to easily share information and test knowledge and skills. Mindflash handles virtually all types of content and facilitates the creation of online courses within minutes. Simply upload existing materials (PowerPoint, PDF, Word, video, audio), organize them on an intuitive course dashboard, add quizzes, and then invite trainees. Mindflash handles all of the testing, tracking, course management and automated reporting. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Mindflash is a privately held company. To learn more, please visit


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