Online Testing and Quizzing

Best Practices for Creating Online Quizzes

Online testing serves several important functions within course design. It helps pupils recognize the most important elements of a lesson, and it also helps trainers track how well information is being absorbed. Further, quizzes can serve as introductions to new material, and also keep students engaged in a lesson and provide a nice change of pace during a long lesson. In creating online tests or quizzes, designers often turn to a few different styles of test: Multiple choice tests, true-or-false tests, labeling tests, and matching tests are all common online test methods. Each one works well for some kinds of exams and poorly for others. But by introducing a mix of testing types, designers can create more dynamic courses and keep material from getting too dull.

There are, of course, other considerations trainers should keep in mind when it comes to creating online tests and quizzes — for instance, remember that the Internet is a totally open book. So quizzes should reflect that. With a little planning, a well-written test can provide a lot of value to both the pupil and the instructor.

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