Online Training for Medical Device Businesses

Online Training for Medical Device Businesses

When your business is medical devices, there’s a lot at stake. A good training program is essential for preventing medical errors and for staying in compliance with government regulators. When your training program is so critical, online training can be a lifesaver, in more ways than one!

Rapid design is the first step

You know you won’t pass your FDA audit unless you get every employee trained, but your training staff is small and the deadline is quickly approaching. When you use Mindflash for online training, you can create a professional training program in just days. Plus, you can create the entire program with the office software you use every day, because Mindflash can take these files and convert them to a web-based format, in minutes! Reducing the time it takes to go from development to delivery is the first step towards your success.

Reaching every employee

Once your training program is ready, you need to decide how best to get the information to your employees. In-person training is effective, but the costs in both time and money are unrealistic when the audit is looming. You could email them the slides and handouts, but you can’t guarantee they’ll read them. With Mindflash, you enroll your employees in your course, and then track them closely with the built-in reporting tool.

Making time for training without sacrificing productivity

As important as training is, it’s irrelevant if it drags down productivity and puts the future of your business in jeopardy. So how do you get your employees trained without locking them all in a conference room for two days while the phones ring, unanswered? This is where online training proves its mettle. You can stagger training blocks to minimize the impact on your business. And because all your employees need to do is log in to your course to get going, less time is wasted managing a large gathering in a conference room.

Verify knowledge with Mindflash

The value of your training program lies in its effectiveness. In other words, it doesn’t matter how easy or cheap it is if your employees didn’t learn what they needed to learn. Mindflash online training allows you to incorporate quizzes into your training, so you can verify that your employees understood the content. And you can use the built-in reports to keep track of your employees’ progress. You can even add a survey as a way to gather feedback or field questions.

Refresher training is a click away

Whether for business or regulatory reasons, your employees may need to periodically re-take a course. In this case, all they need to do is log back in and go through it again. You can even use your courses to bring new employees up to speed fast.

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