Efficient and Effective Online Sales Training

Efficient and Effective Online Sales Training

Need to train sales reps in different offices and geographical locations? You are not alone! In fact, nearly 75 percent of the American workforce and 35 percent of the global workforce will be mobile by 2013, according to the research firm IDC. This figure is likely even higher for salespeople.

Training should keep pace with your business

Strategies, products, technologies and competition are constantly evolving.In-person training alone cannot keep up with the pace of activity. With Mindflash online training, you can streamline knowledge sharing and allow sales staff to focus on selling rather than sitting in airplanes or conference rooms.

Your sales reps are already comfortable with the cloud

With more than 52 percent of Americans now using some form of social media and 800 million people worldwide using sites like Facebook, your sales reps are already actively sharing information online. Mindflash online training embraces social sharing, providing the actual subject matter experts with tools that enable them to directly share information with peers.

Virtual training is cheaper and more efficient

With Mindflash, you can quickly and easily use your existing materials to create self-paced Web training courses for as little as $1 per trainee. Meanwhile, traditional in-person training is expensive in both time and money. Hours of productivity are lost while your sales reps are traveling or waiting around for meetings to start. Plane tickets and lodging accommodations are pricey and often an inefficient use of precious funds.

Blended learning works

Implementing online training does not necessarily mean in-person training needs to be completely eliminated. In fact, combining online training with traditional classroom instruction often provides an effective blended solution.Trainers can reach trainees who could not otherwise attend in-person training and trainees can attend a training session at a time that works with their schedules.Blended learning improves employee productivity, satisfaction and retention.

Measure results

Mindflash online training allows trainers to include quizzes and surveys to make sure employees actually learn. Built-in reporting capabilities allow trainers to easily track attendance and identify sales reps that need extra help. Meanwhile, trainee surveys help you use employee feedback to improve upon future trainings.

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