Online Product Training When You Need It

Online Product Training

It’s exciting when your company comes out with a new product. But do you dread the task of training your employees on its features because of the time and cost involved? If you haven’t considered an online training program in the past, now is the time to take a look at Mindflash’s online solutions.

Minimize the impact on employee productivity

Productivity takes a nose dive when your employees are sitting in a training room. You know you can’t just replace training with emails and handouts, but how do you make sure the phones are answered and orders are fulfilled while also passing along key product knowledge? In-person training isn’t always the best approach. Online training with Mindflash lets you build flexibility into your training schedule, so you can work it around your peak days and times. And don’t forget the time you save by no longer needing to set up the training room, print handouts, and struggle with the projector!

No new software needed

Learning management systems are powerful, but they’re expensive and require special skills. You already have common business software packages, like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, and your employees know how to use them. When you create your content with familiar software, your training development is cheaper, faster, and more flexible. Mindflash converts your files into training course components, regardless of what software you use to create them. And you can use multiple media types, including slideshows, videos, documents, and audio. Mindflash can tie it all together.

Online training means no related travel expenses

When your employees are located at multiple sites, your training staff can rack up enough frequent flyer miles to travel to the moon and back. And it could be months before you get all employees trained. When you switch to online training, you can get them the information they need to sell and support your products on Day One. With Mindflash, you can deliver your training anywhere in the world with a simple click.

Blended in-person training with virtual training

Sometimes, training calls for the personal touch, especially in situations where hands-on instruction is critical. But when you supplement in-person group training with virtual training, you can take a multi-layered approach that is as individual as one person interacting with coursework. It’s the best of both worlds. And Mindflash makes is easy to repurpose your in-person training content for online delivery, because it uses the same file formats as a typical presentation.

Verify knowledge with Mindflash

Mindflash online training allows you to incorporate quizzes into your training course, so you can verify that your employees understood the training content. The built-in reports keep you informed, in real time, on your employees’ progress. You can even add a survey as a way to gather feedback or field questions.

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