Point-of-Sale Online Training

Point-of-Sale Online Training

How good is your point-of-sale system if you don’t know how to use it well? Modern POS systems are powerful, but that power comes with complexity. And there’s nothing more stressful to a sales clerk who is struggling with a computer than a long line of impatient customers. Or worse – a line that gets shorter as customers give up and leave! For this, we recommend you design a comprehensive training program for your clerks to eliminate their stress and maintain your customers. We believe that a comprehensive sales training programis an essential component of having a successful point-of-sale system program deployment.

So many employees, so little time

When you have a lot of employees to train, often at different locations, you can’t close down to send them off to be trained. And your problems only intensify if you cut back to a skeleton staff so you can do the training in shifts. Online training is the answer and Mindflash is the platform. When you train online, you can conduct training round-the-clock while business continues. And when you use Mindflash, you can create your program quickly, using the materials you already possess. Online sales training will ensure that your point-of-sale system is backed by first-rate serviceability and product training, helping you make the most of your investment in your PoS system.

No new software to learn

When you use Mindflash to create your sales training program, there’s no learning curve. You can create the entire program with the office software you use every day and get professional results. Simply upload your files to Mindflash and we’ll convert them to a web-based format in minutes. Then, you just need to arrange your materials the way you want and add your trainees. And you’re not limited to a specific file type. Your training can include slideshows, videos, handouts, and more!

It’s easy for trainees, too. If they can find their way around a web browser, they’ve got the skills needed to complete their training.

Built-in reporting and quizzes you create

Mindflash online training allows you to create quizzes, which you can add to your training program. This makes it easy for you to verify that your employees understood and can recall the course. And with the built-in reporting, you can view employee progress in real time.

You can also create surveys with Mindflash. Surveys are a great way to gather feedback from trainees so you can fine-tune your program.

Update your system, update your training

One of the great things about a POS system is that new features are added all the time. When that happens, you need to update your training program. With Mindflash, it’s easy to make changes and have trainees re-take your course to provide the kind of service your customers expect.

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