Online IT Training That Works

Online IT Training That Works

Information technology undergoes exciting changes on a regular basis, but that means IT professionals need to fight to stay on top of it all. An IT employee with outdated skills offers little value to your business. That doesn’t mean you have to clean house and hire a new team every two years! With online training, you can keep your staff on the cutting edge, and when you use Mindflash for your online training, you can create a training program fast – fast enough to keep up with technology!

Keep your IT employees within reach

It always seems that when your IT employees are away at a training seminar, the server goes down. It’s your worst nightmare, and you vow never let them out of the office again! That’s okay. You can keep them within reach, without sacrificing their training needs, when you use online training. Because they can train anywhere and anytime, your employees can train at the office, whenever they have free time.

Creating a Mindflash course is easy

With technology’s changing nature, you need to be able to train your employees before their skills become obsolete. This means you need to be able to create a training course fast. You don’t want to have to struggle with a learning management system when the stakes are so high. With Mindflash, it’s easy to create your online training course, and easy means fast. You can create your materials using common office software – or repurpose existing materials – and upload the files to Mindflash. You can use documents, slide shows, videos, or audio files, in any combination, and Mindflash will transform them into a cohesive training course, maintaining all of your formatting in the process. All you do is click a button and in seconds, you have a web-based program.

Quizzes measure employee performance

Mindflash allows you to add quizzes to your course, so you can make sure your employees are learning what you need them to learn. And you can view their quiz results, in real time, with Mindflash’s reporting feature. In addition to quiz results, the reports also show you who has completed the course, who is still working on it, and who has not yet started it. This can help you determine if there is a problem with the training schedule, so you can adjust any deadlines appropriately.

The many ways you’ll save money

Mindflash online training saves you money in many ways. You save money on the cost of expensive seminars and training consultants. If you have been sending your employees off-site or bringing in a trainer, you save money on travel expenses. With online training, you create it once and then use it for as many employees as you need, instead of having to pay full tuition for each employee you train. Mindflash offers an assortment of affordable plans to accommodate your situation. Perhaps the most important savings is the money you save by training your existing employees, instead of hiring new ones!

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