Online Training Platform for Human Resources

Online Training Platform for Human Resources

A day in the life of a human resources professional is certainly something to behold! You could spend your morning processing new employees and running a sensitivity seminar, then spend your afternoon smoothing out a benefits billing issue and passing tissues to a stressed-out administrator. How do you know the best way to handle such diverse situations? With comprehensive training, of course. And Mindflash online training has solutions that ensure you have time to deal with everything on your plate.

Why online training makes sense

The deadline for annual enrollment is fast approaching, employee reviews are due next week, and someone needs to represent your company at a job fair tomorrow. When will your HR staff have time to learn about the new maternity leave rules? And how will they learn to navigate the new recruiting system? Your office can’t come to a standstill to make time for training. Well, with Mindflash, you don’t have to worry about that!

With online training, employees can complete their training whenever their schedule allows. They don’t need to take time out of their work day to sit in a conference room and guzzle coffee in order to stay awake long enough to focus on what a trainer is teaching them. Likewise, they don’t need to lug around a stack of handouts that they can read on the train ride home. All they need to do is log in.

Creating courses is easy with Mindflash

One of the greatest features of Mindflash is that it can take your existing training materials and convert them into a web-based program in seconds. Really. If you can use common office software, you can create a professional looking training course. You don’t need to hire a consultant to get your content into a learning management system, or a video producer to make it run smoothly with synchronized audio. Just upload your existing files to Mindflash. They can be documents, slideshows, videos, or audio files. Arrange them to your liking and that’s it. Thousands of dollars saved, instantly!

Quizzes, reports and surveys

Nobody likes to take tests but how else can you know if your employees learned what they needed to learn from your online course? You’re not there to grill them. You can’t determine who followed along and who tuned out. What you can do is quiz them. Mindflash allows you to create quizzes, which you can insert in strategic places in your course. And the reporting feature lets you track employee progress in real time. In addition to quiz results, the reports show who has completed the course, who is still working on it, and who has yet to start it.

Aside from quizzes, Mindflash also lets you create surveys to use with your course. Use them to get feedback on the course, field questions, or any other way that suits your needs!

Changes are just as easy

HR employees are typically the first group in a company to learn about changes. Whether it’s a new law, a new benefit, or new software, HR employees must keep up-to-date on your company’s important changes. With Mindflash, it’s easy to incorporate these changes into your online training program. Just replace the old material with the new content and your employees can re-take the course.

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