Fast and Easy Online Compliance Training

Fast and Easy Online Compliance Training

When it comes to compliance training, there’s a lot at stake. If your employees aren’t trained thoroughly and quickly, your business is at risk – legal risk! And whether your employees are local or spread across multiple regions, you need to get the information to them, now. You know all this and your trainers are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, but have you considered the advantages of an online solution?

Train employees without your business being affected

Every minute your employees spend sitting in a training room, your business is suffering. You know they need the training but you wish they could be trained and also get their work done. In-person training, while effective, is disruptive. With Mindflash online training, you can stagger your training schedule to work around your peak days and times or even your employees’ vacations. Add to that the time you save by no longer needing to set up the training room, print handouts, and struggle with the projector and it’s easy to see why so many companies turn to Mindflash for online training!

Cloud based lms allows software sharing

While a dedicated learning management system is robust, it’s expensive and requires special skills. But you already have common business software, like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, and your employees know how to use it. When you remove the obstacle of complexity from the training development process, your training program is cheaper and more flexible. Mindflash takes your files, in whatever format they currently exist, and converts them into training course components. Mix slideshows with videos and handouts, then record audio for voice-over instruction, reducing the strain of excessive reading on your trainees. Mindflash simplifies the entire process.

Easy online courses, saves time & money

With Mindflash, you can deliver your training anywhere in the world with a simple click. Your training staff can spend more of their time fine-tuning your program and less time on airplanes. And when you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on travel expenses, you suddenly free-up cash you can invest in your business. You could even splurge on a really great company picnic!

And by the way, online training is more reliable and more engaging than conference calls and other remote alternatives. With online training, you don’t have to wonder who’s in the room. Did they all print the handouts? Are they even awake? Mindflash has tools that let you track employee progress and comprehension.

Computer based training gives the best of both worlds

Without a doubt, in-person training is effective, and there are instances where it is a necessary component of your training program. This is especially true when you need to deliver hands-on instruction. But when you use a blended solution, you can still take advantage of the benefits online training offers. Limit your in-person training to those situations that demand it and let online coursework round off your program and maximize its efficiency.

Measure learning using online quiz maker

Mindflash online training allows you to incorporate quizzes and surveys into your training course, so you can verify that your employees understood the training content. Pair that with Mindflash’s built-in reports, and you’ll know who completed the course and whether they need additional training to achieve the results you require. No need to send out attachments or schedule conference calls. Mindflash delivers the course and keeps you up-to-date on employees’ progress. Surveys are also a great way to gather feedback to improve your training courses.

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