Customer Training Online

Customer Training Online

Reduce support costs and build loyalty by taking your customer training online with Mindflash.

Your customers are already in the cloud

800 million people worldwide use sites like Facebook and tens of thousands are enrolled in e-Learning programs earning undergraduate and advanced degrees. Sharing and engaging with content online is now totally mainstream.

Cost-effective training improves the bottom line

Supporting and servicing customers can be expensive. Proactively providing online training reduces these costs and increases customer satisfaction and retention. It is always less expensive to retain and grow existing customers compared to recruiting new ones. Additionally, online customer training is an efficient way to gain product feedback.

Convenient yet secure

Your customers will love the convenience of online training. They can easily fit it into their schedules and learn at their own pace. Meanwhile, with Mindflash, there is no software to download and no setup required. Password-based user authentication ensures that only your intended trainees can view your materials.

Measure results

Mindflash online training allows trainers to include quizzes and surveys to make sure customers actually learn. Built-in reporting capabilities allow trainers to easily track attendance and identify sales reps that need extra help. Meanwhile, trainee surveys help you use employee feedback to improve upon future trainings.

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