Corporate Training Simplified with Mindflash

Corporate Training Simplified with Mindflash

It’s a global marketplace, and it’s more important than ever to have the best corporate training resources available. You could send your trainees to specialized seminars or corporate training boot camps but that’s expensive and it takes too long. If you have several employees, the costs of live training add up fast. You need something that is easy, fast, and affordable, and Mindflash online training is the solution.

Easy online courses

If you know how to use common office software, you already know how to create a corporate training course with Mindflash. And if you already have a collection of presentations, handouts, or videos, you’re even closer to getting your course online. Mindflash allows you to upload your training content as documents, slide shows, videos, or audio files. You can even have a mix of different file types. Once your files are uploaded, you can rearrange them however you prefer and add your trainees. Mindflash takes care of the rest.

Online LMS makes training fast

When it comes to Mindflash online training, there are many ways to measure speed. For example, there’s the speed with which you can upload your course and have it ready to use. And there’s the speed with which your employees can complete their training, especially when they’re no longer wasting time sitting around a conference room while someone struggles with a projector. And don’t forget the speed with which Mindflash updates you on employee progress, via its powerful reporting features.

Speed is important because the faster your employees are trained, the faster your business can leverage those new skills. It’s also important because the time employees spend training is time they’re not spending on business goals. Productivity takes a hit. But when you train employees online, you reduce the impact. Employees can complete their training faster online, and they can work on it during down time.

Pocket friendly online training system

Higher education costs have skyrocketed, putting the squeeze on tuition reimbursement plans, and the cost of certification offered by professional associations isn’t much cheaper. But when you start to look at online solutions, you’re stunned by the price of a learning management system, never mind the costs of hiring a consultant to design your coursework. Mindflash doesn’t believe it has to be so complex. With its simple interface and flexibility to accept basic file types, Mindflash helps you keep your costs to a minimum while maximizing the effectiveness of your corporate training programs. And we also offer an assortment of plans to choose from, so you can pay for only the number of trainees you have.

Monitor training with online testing tools & recover your investment

One pitfall of any corporate training program, live or online, is figuring out how to measure results. Mindflash online training allows you to incorporate quizzes into your training course, so you can verify that your employees understood the training content and can retain it. You can view quiz results with the built-in reports, which keep you informed in real time. In addition to quizzes, you can add a survey as a way to gather feedback or field questions.

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