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Few industries require the number of certifications that the finance industry does. Whether your employees are pursuing certification through the CFA Program, FINRA, or another industry standard, your business hinges on their success. And their success hinges on their ability to study hard. But how can they focus on their studies while still getting their work done? Online training with Mindflash can help.

Individualized Training on Demand

When you train employees online, they can train when they have time, instead of waiting for formal training with a trainer who may be based out of town. Employees can even concentrate on their own trouble areas, rather than spending time on concepts they’ve already mastered. All they need to do is log in and work their way through the course materials you create. Any time of day, any place with internet access, with Mindflash your employees can train when their workload allows it.

Create your course in no time

Time is money. No one knows this better than a financial professional. Mindflash respects that and we want to make it fast and easy to get your course online. You probably already have the information, in a slide show or handbook. Whatever the format of your current training material, all you need to do is upload it to Mindflash and we do our behind-the-scenes magic to convert it into a web-based course. You can even mix and match file types and add video and audio to enrich the material.

The training is virtual, the savings are real

The costs associated with traditional, in-person training put unnecessary pressure on your budget. Often, you need to fly employees to a training site, incurring hotel and travel costs. And what happens if an employee doesn’t pass their exam the first time they take it? You end up needing to double your training investment, or even triple it, before you realize the benefit of having a certified employee. These exams are notoriously tough. With online training, you give your employees the study materials they need for the low cost of a Mindflash training plan.

Quiz them before they sit for the exam

Mindflash online training allows you to incorporate quizzes into your training course, because the only way to know if your employees are ready for the exam is to test them now. Mindflash provides you with reports that show you how well employees are performing on your quizzes. The reports can even tell you how far each employee has progressed in the course. This way, you can see which employees have not had the time to work on the course and maybe give them some extra support.

Surveys help you improve your course

You can add a survey to your Mindflash course, which you can use to collect feedback on it. Use this feedback to improve your course, add detail to areas that need more coverage, or re-write areas that are not clear. This kind of continuous improvement ensures that you are meeting the changing needs of your employees.

Keep up with changing regulations

Financial regulations change with a frequency that makes it hard to keep up. When the regulations change, the tests change, and when the tests change, the training must follow suit. With Mindflash, it’s easy to update your program and allow employees to re-take your course, so you’re always just a few clicks away from a solution.

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