Channel Partner Training

Channel partners are vendors, distributors and other client-facing entities that assist manufactures in distributing their product to consumers. Manufactures pair up with channel partners to help the business accelerate growth, market to a broader audience, and reach new buyers or segments that cannot be tapped into by in-house sales representatives. Channel partners are responsible for selling products, providing support, and occasionally training customers to use your product, therefore they should be well-versed in its features and benefits.

It is extremely important for to conduct channel partner training so that they understand the features and benefits of the product they will be selling for you. But, channel partner training can be a somewhat challenging task because channel partners are not employees of the organization. Scheduling training, geographical barriers, tracking training, and updating materials are a few of the challenges faced when conducting channel partner training. Many of these issues can be alleviated by developing online training.

Time Issues

Because channel partners are not employees of the manufacturers, the manufactures have no control over how the sales representatives are spending their time. It is difficult for manufacturers to demand long stretches of time for training. The first step in developing a channel partner training program is to consider this lack of time. The program should be comprehensive including only the most essential information about your product.

Geographical Barriers

It would be difficult and costly to have channel partner training in a face-to-face location. Channel partners are spread out nationally and internationally. Therefore, the most logical way to train is using an online learning platform. Online learning platforms can bridge geographical divided as well as alleviate time constraints. A sales representative can log in from anywhere, anytime, and from any device to learn about your product.

Tracking Training

With hundreds of channel partners on a manufacturer’s roster, it will be difficult to keep track of which sales representatives have attended training and whether or not the trainings were completed. A learning management system will track this information as well as generate certificates for sales representatives to keep at the end of training.

Updating Training Materials

When the product features change, training materials will need to be updated and that change will need to be communicated to all the channel partners. A learning management system and help you easily communicate changes or updates by through a roster that contains your entire next work of channel partners. Sales representatives can then review the updates at any time. They also have a centralized location where they revisit the content at a later date if necessary.

Mindflash is an award-winning learning management system that is perfect for channel partner training. Mindflash has integrated multimedia authoring tools, which save time and money in the content creation process. It also has tracking and reporting features to keep track of which channel partners have taken the training as well as how they scored on assessments.  To see how Mindflash can simplify your channel partner training, sign up for a free trial.

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