Management Training

In training and development managers usually put the focus is on lower-level employees. Manager training is often put on the back burner because of the time constraints managers face. Managers are among the busiest members of an organizations with jam-packed schedules, tight deadlines, and little time for professional development.

Professional development for any level employee boost morale, engagement, and autonomy. Training can also spark innovation and creativity throughout the organization. Organizations need to consider investing more time in their leaders so that the benefits trickle their way down. Management training solutions should be easily accessible, concise, and relevant to the manager’s career path.

Trending Issues in Management

The following are some trending issues in management that can be used to inspire engaging and relevant management training:

  1. Human Resource Development Skills. Even if managers do not engage in writing training programs on a day to day basis, understanding what goes in to writing training and how to leverage instructional designer’s talents will be helpful. Managers can learn to work together with instructional designers to better the training programs offered to their workforce.
  2. Time Management Skills. In every job there are competing interest vying for a manager’s attention. For example, how should a manager balance a project deadline with an employee issue? How long should a team meeting last? How can technology be used effectively to manage calendars?
  3. Technology Management Skills. Technology can be a hindrance more than a help if managers are not using it properly. Make sure managers know how to use the technology they have in ways that are conducive to their productivity. If they are savvy with technology, ask them if there are new tools they would like to learn to use. Engaging managers in the discussion about what they would like to learn with increase the relevance and engagement.
  4. Customer Services Management Skills. Course on customer services management skills revolve around things like: patience, attentiveness, and communications skills. Managers aside from working with customers, these skills will help managers when working with employees. They will learn to speak compassionately, positively, and assertively.
  5. Data Analysis Skills. Organizations are looking to data to make decisions. Managers should be able to interpret the key metrics used by their organizations and understand how to use the data to improve their outcomes. Data can also give managers the ability to find knowledge gaps among their direct employees. This information can be leveraged to improve the productivity of the workforce.

Comprehensive Solutions

Online learning solutions can give flexibility to management training. Managers are busy. They may want to be able to access training at odd hours when their work day is slower. They may also be want to access information through several different platforms such as a computer, mobile device, or tablet. Organizations need to recognize that offering these options will improve participation.

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