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The Internet is a worldwide network of computer systems connected to one another by satellites, cables and telephone lines. While connected to the World Wide Web, you can find and do almost anything, from paying bills to seeing tomorrow’s weather conditions. To connect to the Internet, you will need to obtain an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Once you have access to the Internet, you can use a web browser to perform research, play online games, or visit websites. The following guides, online courses, tutorials, and glossaries will help you learn more about using the Internet. Collections of Internet Guides, Online Courses, and Tutorials

  • Internet Guidebooks: List of guidebooks and resources to help people learn more about the Internet and how to use its features.
  • Beginner’s Guide to the World Wide Web: Get information on the background of the Internet, how to explore the web, how to create new documents, and more.
  • Guide to Effective Email: Tips on how to create an effective email, use subject lines, quote documents, and remove pronouns.
  • What is the Internet?: This webpage discusses how the Internet works, its history, types of information available online, and how people use the Internet.
  • Finding Information on the Internet: Learn how to use search engines, subject directories, meta-search engines, and invisible web to search online.
  • Writing HTML: Tutorial for learning how to create web pages using basic HTML coding.
  • Short and Easy Search Engine Tutorial: Brief guide to web searching, directories, and search engines.
  • WWW FAQ: Frequently asked questions with answers on creating websites, Internet terms, history, web browser questions, viruses, and more.
  • Web Guide: Advice and tips for using the Internet and browsing the web effectively.
  • Library Research Skills: Tutorial on how to work more efficiently using library-based research.
  • Building Internet Firewalls: Guide to Internet threats and viruses and how to put up a firewall on your computer to prevent these occurrences.
  • Caching Tutorial: Informational tutorial relating to web caching, types of caches, and how (and how not to) control web caching.
  • Introduction to Web Accessibility: Learn how people with disabilities use the web and how to make sites more accessible.
  • Internet Guides: Introduction to the Internet, as well as search strategies, search engine information, and evaluating resources.
  • Introduction to the Internet: Guide to web addresses, web browsers, connecting to the Internet, menu bar options, navigation bar options, location bar, and favorites.
  • Net Tutor: Research and other basic information on using the Internet, including evaluating web sites, e-mail basics, and using web browsers.

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