“I’m eternally grateful for what Mindflash has done for our training program and organization.

Everyone is now open to building courses and sharing knowledge. We couldn’t have grown our training program to where it is today without the features, ease of use, and low costs we enjoy with Mindflash. For the value I’m getting, we should be paying significantly more!”

Phillip Jones

Vice President of Field Enablement


Learn How Kofax Reduced Training Costs by 80% with Mindflash

About the Organization

Kofax is a global software company with more than 1250 employees based in 48 countries. Their solutions automate information-intensive processes to help enterprises streamline their operations, increase productivity, and better engage with their customers for competitive advantage and growth. In the 2012 fiscal year, the company earned $262.5 million in revenue.


For years Kofax had used traditional methods, such as classroom-style, in-person learning, to train sales reps, business partners, marketing personnel, and tech support teams. As the company continued to grow at a rapid pace, senior management came to realize that these methods were no longer the best solution. Traditional, in-person training methods were costing the company $93.75 per employee per hour. Further, these “information dumps” were not particularly effective methods of knowledge transfer. The company had to rely on employees to proactively seek out information, and results were not predictable or easily measured. Employees outside the main office struggled to stay up to date on the latest product information.


In 2011 Kofax brought on Phillip Jones as Vice President of Field Enablement to optimize the company’s learning and development programs. He knew that the company needed accountability and testing as part of its training program. But as a new employee, Phillip had zero credibility within the organization and sky-high expectations from his fellow executives. As a result, it was not an option for Phillip to recommend a traditional LMS system that would take months to implement, require IT support, and would come with a six-figure price tag. He needed to make an impact quickly and cost-effectively to get results.

After searching online for flexible and scalable learning solutions, Phillip discovered Mindflash. “I was blown away with what I saw and experienced with Mindflash,” Phillip said. “It’s incredibly intuitive and very easy to administer. Billing is so easy and it’s very painless to launch new courses.”

Developing quality e-learning courses can be both time-intensive and expensive. According to industry averages, it takes instructional designers 79 hours of labor and costs $10,054 to produce one hour of usable training.[1]

However, without sacrificing quality, Kofax now is able to use Mindflash to significantly reduce the time and costs involved in course creation. With the increased efficiencies provided by Mindflash, Kofax is developing an hour of training in 61 hours at a cost of $4,991. The average individual course takes 23 hours in development time and costs only $1,897. “We won’t put anything out there that’s not perfect.” Phillip says.

Phillip and his team run a six-step, two-week process for course creation:

  • A subject matter expert develops a PowerPoint deck with voice-recorded narration
  • A temporary worker creates a transcript of the narration
  • The PowerPoint presentation and written script go out to an editor who then ensures that all text is translated into international English
  • A voice-over artist creates professional narration
  • Phillip performs a final review of the course
  • The course is published to Mindflash and distributed to employees

Using this process, Kofax now creates 5- 8 new Mindflash courses per quarter. Course topics range from basic training about target industries to detailed lessons about every product in the Kofax catalog. These courses are distributed to every sales and marketing rep around the world and used to onboard new employees. Kofax also makes the entire course catalog available to its partners. After a new course has been distributed, employees have three weeks to finish the course with a pass rate of 80% or higher. These results then get circulated to all management with the names of employees who haven’t yet finished courses highlighted in red. “Needless to say, we have tremendous compliance rates,” Phillip says.


To date, roughly 1500 Kofax employees and partners have completed more than 20,000 Mindflash courses. Each hour of training now averages $18.74 to deliver instead of $93.75 in the classroom. Because of this 80% reduction in costs, Kofax is now able to provide even more training to its employees and partners. On average, trainees now take ten Mindflash courses a year. Phillip notes that both subject experts and employees love the new Mindflash training program. Since the implementation of Mindflash, the entire culture of the company has shifted. Now, almost all company initiatives are accompanied by a Mindflash training course and knowledge transfer within the organization is a far more efficient and positive experience.

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