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About the Organization:

Yammer is the leading provider of enterprise social networks. The company builds software that makes it easy for organizations to stay connected and share knowledge, and empowers employees to collaborate across departments, geographies, and business applications. Companies and organizations from across the globe, including more than 85 percent of the Fortune 500, use Yammer to improve employee productivity and engagement.


Yammer is a rapidly growing company with offices across the United States, in London, and in Melbourne. New employees go through orientation training called Yammervirsity, which is lead by training program manager Misha McPherson. Misha is currently the sole training manager at Yammer, and needs to be able to rapidly deploy training to a large group of people across departments, offices, and time zones. With a distributed group of trainees, Misha needed a tool that would allow her to standardize training across offices for everything from new hire onboarding to sales training to developer orientation.

Misha says, “Yammer is truly the most global organization I have worked for in my career. The network allows you to watch as people wake up, begin their days, and start collaborating with their colleagues. It’s a wonderful place to work, but it does create some unique training challenges.”


Misha uses a combination of Mindflash, the Yammer tool itself and in-person classroom training to accomplish her training needs. Employees take courses in Mindflash that prompt them to link out to do specific tasks in Yammer, such as introduce themselves to the company, create polls, ask questions or search for information.

Misha chose Mindflash because it:

  • Allows her to roll out new courses incredibly fast;
  • Gives her the ability to link out to external sources – in this case, to be able to link
  • to Yammer itself so that employees can test the skills they’ve just learned;
  • Lets her create a blended approach to training with in-person, asynchronous and social learning components.


In less than four months on Mindflash, over 30 courses have been created with over 1,000 total completions. Employees across the globe have been trained on skills vital to their job performance, with a unified message and training across offices.

“I don’t want a tool I need to be trained on – I just want to log-in and go. I think of using Mindflash and Yammer together as a facilitated conversation I would have in a classroom.”

- Misha McPherson
Training Program Manager
Yammer, Inc.

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